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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sherrie Shepherd Returns to the Set of 'One for the Money'

According to Sherri Shepherd's twitter page, she is headed back to Pittsburgh to finish the rest of her scenes on 'One for the Money.'  Yay!!

Sherri Shepherd as the beautiful, bodacious Lula.

Hopefully we will get some more set pictures!! So excited!! :) 


  1. :( I seen her on The View and she's not funny, annoying is what she is. lol. But I do hope she posts more pics, it's a form of torture I can't help enjoy. Plus I get to call people morons. ha ha. Anyways, when do they wrap this film up do you know? I know it's almost finished but do you know a date?

  2. The publicist said that this week or next week will be the last week. They are supposed to be done by Labor Day I think was the end date. I'm not exactly positive.

    Sherri Shepherd, to me, seems to have her moments like I'm sure we all do. I saw a really funny 'The View' episode on Youtube that made me laugh when she was getting a brazilian wax, and I really liked her as Robert's partner on 'Everybody Loves Raymond.' I think she can pull it off. I have high hopes for her. :)