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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Cast Picks for Remaining Characters if Stephanie Plum Series Becomes a Franchise

Katherine Heigl's announcement that she would like the Stephanie Plum series to be a franchise started me thinking...shocking I know. :)

If by some miracle someone that had to do with cast picks did come across my site, maybe they might consider some of our picks for the remaining characters that haven't been picked yet....wasted dreams and time perhaps, but nevertheless fun!

Here are my cast picks for some  of the important characters that haven't been introduced yet:

Joyce Barnhardt - Stephanie's mortal enemy especially after she caught her sleeping with her now ex-husband on their dining room table.

Gina Gershon as Joyce Barnhardt

Debra Messing as Joyce Barnhardt
Dickie Orr - Her slime ball ex-husband.

Ryan Reynolds as Dickie Orr


Vince Vauhgn as Dickie Orr

Grandma Bella - Morelli's grandmother who somehow has the power to put an awful curse on you if she feels like it. She also has visions. hahaha!  She'll put the eye on you!!

Ann Guilbert as Grandma Bella

Mama Morelli - (I'm not sure if she has been cast or not because she is in the first book, but if not) Perfect Italian single mother who raised Morelli and his other mischievous brothers.

Lainie Kazan as Mama Morelli

Olympia Dukakis as Mama Morelli

Tank - Rangers right hand man who has been described as looking like a tank..hence the nickname. This is the only pick for Tank in my opinion. He's perfect for the role!

Michael Clark Duncan as Tank

Spiro Stiva - The crooked son of Constantine Silva who ends up running the funeral home after Constantine is in the hospital. This one was hard for me...don't know if I have a real pick, but these 2 came to mind.

James Frain as Spiro Stiva

Steve Buscemi as Spiro Stiva

Sally Sweet - The heterosexual cross-dresser who is remarkably good at puzzles.

Matthew Lillard as Sally Sweet ( I LOVE THIS PICTURE)

Albert Kloughn  - The clumsy, fainting, farting fiance to Stephanie's sister, Valerie.

Kevin James as Albert Kloughn

Valerie - Stephanie's perfect Meg Ryan look-alike sister.

Reese Witherspoon as Valerie

Terry Gilman - Joe Morelli's absolutely gorgeous ex-girlfriend who has ties to the mob.

Kelly Carlson as Terry Gilman

Mooner - The space-cadet pot head who ends up in Stephanie's life now and again.

Jon Heder as Mooner

Now I know these cast picks would be very expensive and the chances of a big shot movie exec coming across this is slim, but a girl can dream can't she??  I had to do something to break up the monotony around here while 'One for the Money' movie news is in a deep sleep. =(

Have fun and tell me what you think of my cast picks and who you would like to see on the big screen playing these characters. :)

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  1. I liked every single person you choose. :) Good job, too bad you're not working for casting. LOL I think you're doing a fantastic job of keeping things lively around here. Did you watch her on David Letterman last night? I forgot and wondered if she mentioned the new movie.


  2. Thanks Patt. Unfortunately no I didn't get to watch KH on Letterman last night either. I don't have the local channels on my satellite dish programming, so I figured I would just have to watch it when they post it on the web which I thought would be sooner than it has been...Unfortunately, they haven't posted Live with Regis and Kelly or Letterman yet. Should take a few days I'm thinking and then I will post it on SO. I just have that one preview I posted prior to this about her electronic cigarette so far. Funny but unfortunately no 'OFTM' news.

  3. If anyone who has watched it could let us know if she plugged 'OFTM' that would be great though.

  4. Lovin your picks...If they do make a second movie & cast anyone other than Michael Clark Duncan as Tank, I'll cry. I've been reading the books for years now & always picture him in my mind as Tank! I can just picture MCD fainting when he finds out that he's engaged to be married to Lula!!! OMG, too funny!!

    Jon Heder as Mooner & Matthew Lillard as Sally Sweet were my choices as well!

    Never thought of Kevin James as Albert Kloughn, but he is an absolute PERFECT Kloughn!!

    I was thinking that redhead from Mad Men as Joyce Barnhardt cuz Joyce is supposed to be buxom & she's seems like she could pull off Bitchy :)

  5. I can't wait to see Sherri Shepherds and MCD together on this movie if they make more of them. I hope they make the movie where Lula fabricates her fake marriage. That was so halarious in the book.

    I actually didn't visualize Kevin James as Albert Kloughn until recently, but now he just seems like he'd be perfect. I can't see anyone else now.

    I looked up the redhead on 'Mad Men' you mentioned. Christina Hendricks? I have always wanted to see 'Mad Men,' but I have never watched it, but she looks like she could definitely pull of the part. Good call!

    I just love Gina Gershon period! She plays the perfect bitch, she is totally Jersey, and she has a very voluptuous type body. Just dye her hair red, and she would be totally perfect to me!

  6. Micheal Clark Duncan is unfortunately dead, he would have been great though. Jon Heder would be the perfect Mooner, so would Matthew Lillard as Sally. I think Seth Rogan should be Dougie (Mooner's friend.) or something.They totally NEED to make the movie with those people you mentioned, if they don't then i will freak the fuck out. Different identities won't help them because Antoine Dodson as my guide i will find them. I will come over to where they hide on my fucking magical unicorn and army of koalas, drag them with christmas lights to my temple, and watch them drown in lava while i drink my slurpee with eminem as a sacrifice to the cookie gods. For ruining my favorite book series.
    No koalas were harmed in the making of this comment.

  7. I like your picks. I would just rather have seen Debra Messsing as Stephanie