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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

I don't remember this from the book.  Anyone know who this guy is and what it is referring to?

'“I'm okay. Except I can't feel my feet.” Melvin Baylor, Seven Up'



  1. No clue. I really need to get my Plum series back from my co-workers so I can re-read them. I'm outta touch!

  2. I just checked IMDb & they posted a (rumored)Benito Ramirez. The guy is kinda scary looking so he could definitely pull off psychotic Benito Ramirez. We shall see...

  3. Melvin Baylor was the one that wizzzzed on his ex-wifes wedding cake. He is drunk when Stephanie tries to take him in to rebond bc he was sick/drunk. She asks him if he is ok, and he says,"I'm okay. Except I can't feel my feet. I would feel them a minute ago." Stephanie takes him to her parents house to sober him up.

  4. Melvin Baylor said, "I could feel them a minute ago."
    (sorry I wrote the wrong word.) ; ) Great website, thanks!!!

  5. Thank you whomever posted the information!! Now I remember this guy! Welcome to my website, and I am so happy you like it.

    I need to brush up on my other Plum books as well Redzsm.

  6. Thanks Redzsm! Ya, that guy does look pretty mean. I think he would be a good Ramirez myself. I'll be posting him on my website. I take a few days off and the Plum news goes crazy! Thank you for keeping me informed!!