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Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Pics of Lula, Stephanie, Vinnie, and Connie on set!!!!!! Yippie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherri Shepherd is a goddess!!! She has been busy filming on the "One for the Money' set and took time out of her busy day to send a few pics to her fans!!  I am way beyond EXCITED today!!!!! They all look amazing!! I am actually pleasantly surprised at Ana Reeder the most. She looks amazing!!! Vinnie is making me laugh. He's totally wearing what I envision Vinnie to wear!  I am really doing the happy dance today!!! More in character pics!!!! Yay!!!

Sherrie Shepherds as the beautiful, bodacious Lula!  Her tweet said she was "goin legit."

Vinnie (Patrick Fischler) and Connie (Ana Reeder).

Stephanie (Katherine Heigl) and Lula (Sherrie Shepherd).

Connie, Stephanie and Lula in what looks like the bonds office.
Did I mention Sherrie Shepherd ROCKS???!! I'm lovin her!!


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this space. I to am totally obsessed with the Stephanine Plum Series. I'm so excited about the movie. Can't wait.

  2. Welcome, Welcome to my blog, Leane!!! I hope you enjoy looking around. I can't wait for this movie to come out. It is going to be a long, long year....The other thing I cannot wait for Lionsgate to announce is when they are going to be making 'Two for the Dough.' Fingers, toes, arms, legs, and eyes crossed for that one!!! Come on, Lionsgate, you know you wanna!

  3. Wait a second one!? They're making a part two?... my sister better send me those penis mints soon, I'm getting a bitter taste in my mouth.... o.o IIIIII mean. lol. They're mints, shaped like a penis. Buah ha ha.

    Thanks for the pics. Glad you enjoy them.

  4. Hmmm. I'm thinking her outfits are too tamed... Lula's. Isn't she supposed to in love with tight, bright, loud clothing? That top looks like something I'd wear.

    Am I the only one that think their Vinnie & Connie make a cute couple?

  5. hahaha No...as far as I know, they haven't announced that they are making a second one yet. I read somewhere that KH was intrigued about doing a series, so I am just wishing and hoping that they announce 'Two for the Dough.' I'm sure they won't be announcing anything like that until they see how 'One for the Money' fares in the box office. Jessica, Jessica...you devil's advocate you!! ;) Love ya anyway...Can't wait for you to show up opening night wearing your Team Ranger/Morelli shirt!! LMAO!!! That just gave me an idea....I need to get your address...you might be getting a surprise pretty soon!! hahaha

  6. Yes, Jessica, I thought that too! They look pretty cozy and couple-like in that pic. Vinnie's outfit just cracks me up with his chest hair bunching up out of his wife beater tank top and his gold chain. Now he just needs Cousin Eddie's white pimp shoes in 'National Lampoon's Vacation,' and he's all set!! hahaha

  7. I think Lula looks awesome in that outfit, but I do agree, it is a little toned down from what she usually is described in the books! I think they are trying to somewhat bring her wardrobe in to the present day though, and it is still low cut with the hot pink bra. LOL! Some of her other hooker outfits are loud and Lulaish!! I think she is just trying to dress it up for the office. Can't wait to see how Lula handles Vinnie! That will be a blast to watch!

  8. There's a Team Ranger/Morelli shirt?!?! You mean I can support them both & don't have to choose one??? Where, where?

    Also, I like the word "Lulaish", I might start using that word. LOL

  9. Hahaha.. No shirts that I know of right now. My neighbor owns her own graphics design company though and makes all sorts of T-shirts, hoodies, etc. I was thinking about talking to her about making some Morelli/Ranger/Grandma Mazur shirts and I could post a link to her website on my blog! You think people would buy them? Shhhhhh don't tell Jessica Rabbit!! LOL! Maybe I should have a contest to see who can come up with the best catch phrases to go on the T-shirts.

    Thanks Redzsm, I like the word too. It kind of rolls off the tongue quite easy huh? Plus it covers a wide range of things!! ;)

  10. I always pictured Vinnie and Connie being chunky!

    I love Heigl as Stephanie! She looks so much the part to me that it is unreal!

  11. You did? hahaha..I always pictured Connie as very voluptuous but not exactly chunky. And Vinnie I always pictured skinny and lanky.

    I know, Heigl looks so good as Stephanie. I am way happy with her in the role.

  12. I'm not going to comment on Katherine "looking" like Stephanie... I'm being a good girl this morning { It's 1:17 am... it's morning, and I just woke up two hours ago. lol, so it's my morning }. Anyways...

    I like the idea of Team Ranger / Team Morelli t-shirts... I want a Team Ranger hoodie.... in black would be appropriate. lol.

    And Holly I always imagined Vinnie and Connie chunky too. Well I didn't really see Connie as an unattractive chunkster.

  13. I think you should talk to your neighbor :) I've never bought the shirts from the Evanovich site cuz I didn't really care for them. They weren't funny enough. And I'm gonna need one for opening day of the movie!!! (So I can embarrass my Boyfriend)

  14. I think I'm going to talk to my neighbor and see if she wants to do the shirts. I think there is money to be made with them especially if they are funny and cute!!

    I feel a contest coming on!! To be continued....

  15. I have been WAITING for her books to be made into movies ever since I read the 1st one !! I never though of Sherrie Shepard as Lula. Now that I see her, IT WORKS !!This is gonna be a GREAT movie. I hope they make them ALL into movies. If not for the big screen, at least Movies of the week. The between the novels books are great too !! Disel Kicks ASS !! Not just women LOVE Stephanie Plum and Janet Evanovitch. Wicked Appetite is AWESOME !!!

  16. I agree Mike, I hope that they at least make 4 or 5 into movies anyway. I'm sure it's not feasible to do all of them, but I hope that they do some at least.

    Actually the person that told me I needed to read the Stephanie Plum series was my father-in-law. He loved the books!

    Welcome to SO!!! Hope you enjoy my blog!!

  17. Love your blog. I am a big fan of the Stephanie Plum series. The pictures on set were great. Can't wait for the movie.

  18. Thanks, welcome, welcome! I can't wait either. It'll be here before we know it!

  19. I absolutely LOVE the Plum series! I have a feeling Stephanie is going to end up with Morelli but i feel bad for Ranger...... Will he fall for someone else..... or will she end up with Ranger..... would Morelli go back to Terri.... will there be a new character....AHHHHHHHH

  20. I'm such a Plum fan! I re-read the whole series at least once a year! So excited the movie is out this month...I love all the actor
    choices in their rolls, except maybe Steph's
    parents. I pictured them a bit older.
    I also loved the between the number series with
    Diesel...I kinda hope that new series crosses over or makes mention of Steph somehow.
    I hope they make more movies or a TV series out of these books. Courious to see who they would put in as the 'sulpher' B....:)