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Thursday, September 30, 2010

'One for the Money' costar, Jason O'Mara, Bare Chested! YUM!!

Well looky what I stumbled across when I was looking for some Jason O'Mara info!  Joe Morelli Neked!! tee-hee! (This one's for you Iheartjason!)

Okay this is not from 'One for the Money' filming, but it will still be tucked under my pillow giving me sweet dreams tonight!! How people can say this man is not sexy is beyond me!! I just read an article that described him as a more manly Jude Law, and I would have to agree that's a pretty good description.

Santa take note, because this is what I want in my bed Christmas morning! Wink, wink!!


  1. Ok, I just need to say YUM!!!!!

    Me likey shirtless Morelli :)

  2. He is very lickable in this shot wouldn't you say??? tee-hee!!

  3. Jason isn't COMPLETELY bad on the eyes but I prefer my view of Morelli a lot better!!! So I will be skipping out on the movie. The cast of this bad impersonation of perfection is disappointing. But two thumbs up on the site!
    -Grandma mazur is supposed to be grey haired and skinny, steph isn't how I picture her, Ranger is supposed to have a pony tail and Morelli is supposed to be drop-dead sexy!--- Jason is not!

  4. what!?! haha i totally agree,,how anybody can and i mean anybody say or think this man is not drop dead sexy is beyond me. haha i mean, hell! he's what, in his late 30s? damn! damn! damn!