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Monday, February 28, 2011

Gorgeous Vintage-Style Photo of Katherine Heigl

Hey guys,

I found this stunning picture over on the new official Katherine Heigl website: http://www.kheigl.com/. Lovely isn't it? I just love vintage style pictures.  You should check this site out. It's awesome!


Test Screening for "One for the Money"

So....they had a test screening for "One for the Money" last week, and I am wondering why I was not invited????

I am sooooo jealous right now, but at least the reactions to the movie are promising. Everyone that has written about it has loved it so far. Yay!!! Still sulking about the 'no invite' thingy though! :(

Here are some tweets from people that were able to see the movie. - the lucky ducks!!


Saw 1st screening of One for the Money based on @janetevanovich book- very well done, Katherine Heigl surprisingly good as Stephanie.

Just got back from the screening of One for the Money ahh Katherine Heigl is hilarious (IMG:style_emoticons/mediablvd/grin.gif)

great night at the "One for the money" screening. Always awesome to meet inspiring directors and actors!"

I knew KH and the bunch would pull this off! So excited!!!!! Things are happening "OFTM" fans!! It's all about the movie promotion from here on out!!!

Now I wanna see some trailers!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Small "OFTM" Mention

Hey, it's something...if this is just a warm up to the news that is sure to come, I'll take it.


This article raises a really good question. If and when they do film "Two for the Dough," will they be filming in Pennsylvania?  I really hope that they can work this out because I for one would like to see some consistency in these movies i.e. Steph's apartment, Steph's parents house, the bail bonds office...etc.

Not that the film industry hasn't been able to work their magic when it comes to making things look consistent if they were to perhaps go to oh say.......Trenton to film. 

I guess it's really all the same to me....as long as they get the adaptation of the movies right....right?

Irregardless...it still sucks for the people of Pennsylvania to be losing so much business. Sorry guys! :(

Thanks for the info, anonymous tipster!

"One for the Money" MPAA Rating

Hey guys,

The MPAA rating for OFTM has just been released, and the closet perv inside of me was just a teensy, weensy bit disappointed....mainly because I wouldn't have been able to see more of Joe's and Ranger's hot, neked bodies...but then I remembered that neither one of them ended up in their birthday suit in the first book, so then I was okay with it. :)

MPAA rating for OFTM is going to be:

"PG-13" rating of Motion Picture Ass...Image via Wikipedia

So, what do you think? Happy? Disappointed?  Don't care?

Thanks anonymous tipster...You're the best!
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Good News "OFTM" Fans!!

A little birdie told me that we might be seeing a trailer very, very soon for "One for the Money."  They didn't know any specifics as of yet, but it should be shortly.

Keep your appendages crossed, people!!! (Trailer....trailer....trailer!!!)

You will know just as soon as I get word! And if any of you get wind of this before me....please oh please drop me an email to let me know ASAP!  Feed me!! We are all itching to catch a glimpse of our beloved book coming to life!! 

Soooooo Bummed!!

That's what I get for not checking my emails every day!!! I entered a contest to win a "Life as we Know it" DVD, and I actually won!!!! That never happens to me!!! I was so excited!

Unfortunately, I was having computer troubles, and I didn't check my messages. I needed to turn in my info like 2 days ago, so they had to give it to someone else. (Sniffle, sniffle) What a bummer! :( My own fault though...they waited as long as they could.

Bitter sweet victory.....I guess I'll just have to go to the store and purchase the DVD myself. Totally worth the money!!! :)

If you haven't seen this movie....WATCH IT!! It's incredibly good!!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

At Last....a positive article on "One for the Money

One for the Money Movie Cast

A Few More Interesting Characters Revealed for "One for the Money."

Hey guys, these have probably been on IMDB for ages now, but I am just noticing them today. LOL! 

I have been itching to see if they use Lenny Gruber in the movie, and it looks like they are!! Lenny is the slimy, sleazeball repo man who takes Steph's Miata from her. I am so damn happy this guy made it into the script!! Well, here he is!! Yay!!

Danny Mastrogiorgio as Lenny Gruber
So excited they are going to be using Lenny in the movie! I can't wait to see the disgusted look on KH's/Steph's  face when he starts hitting on her.  hahaha....  I actually picture this guy more as Eddie Gazarra though. Just thought I would throw that in. I think with him all slimed up using the googly eyes staring at KH's knockers, he'll be sellible as the part though.

Now...another character I am  completely ecstatic they are using is Lonnie Dodd. This means that Ranger getting shot will most likely make the movie as well!!  Yippie!!  Lonnie is Steph's second FTA that steals her gun, pushes her off the porch, and locks her out.  Ranger comes to her rescue and gets shot by Lonnie in the process. Here he is:

Michael Laurence as Lonnie Dodd

So what do you think guys? Good fit? I am soooooo excited!! Sorry I didn't catch these sooner. IMDB is right most of the time, but as I've said before, these aren't 100% written in stone.

But hell.....I'll take it!!  This news just made my week!

Another Picture on Set of KH's New Movie

Beautiful as always, here is another picture of Katherine Heigl on set of her new film, New Year's Eve."

Katherine Heigl with Leroy Mobley
She has one of those million dollar smiles doesn't she?  Jealous!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm in the Mood for a Good Debate

Joe 'Man Candy' Morelli VS 'Rock My World' Ranger????

Who's the better man?


This is not an original debate by any means, but I am curious how many of you out there that visit my site are of the Italian Stallion Joe Morelli team or how many of you are of the mysterious, Cuban heart throb Ranger team.

I'd like to know which man you think would be better for Steph -  or you since we all know we picture ourselves in the heroine's role - and why you think they are better for her (you).  :)

I posted my opinion in response to a comment left on a previous post, which is why I am starting up this little friendly debate in the first place, but I will post it here for you guys to see:

(This is a discussion on whether Steph should settle down and be out of harms way and marry Joe or not, but it also works for this debate.)
"I agree Ranger is not the marrying, settling down type, but I'm also not sure that is what Stephanie wants to do since she has had the chance many times to quit her job and settle down with the make my mouth water, Joe Morelli, who is no one to shake a stick at by any means. I don't know if I'd want Steph to settle down and be out of harms way. Those apprehensions and the crazy predicaments that she gets herself into seems to make the book and is what makes it so interesting and LOL halarious to me. To me, Stephanie is one of those people that has a perverse attraction to a little danger and also an infallable stubborn side that no one is going to tell her what to do or how to live. I think that Ranger fulfills that side of her - a delicious dose of a little danger and on the other hand letting her be who she wants to be - Inevitably coming to her rescue every time she sows her wild oats. On the other hand, the hot, extremely talented Joe, provides that safe haven, a playful side, that other side of Steph that wants to eat pizza, drink beer, and veg on the couch watching a football game...only to be whisked away to the bedroom for some one on one action. *sigh*

Yep...I'm still of the undecided....Can't pick between these two irresistable characters.  I for one would like to see Ranger and Joe duke it out over Steph just once...nothing serious....just to turn up the heat a little...That would be a very, veeeeery interesting read! :) "
Yes....I know I totally cheated because I am still of the undecided, but I think that I made pretty good arguments on either side of the fence here, and I know there are readers out there who have very concrete opinions on the subject one way or the other and will bring very good points to that effect. I can't decide which shoe I should put on first let alone which man I would rather have....Yes, that's the annoying Libra trait in me.

I can't wait to read your answers, so let your fingers do the talking!

AHEM... Let the debate begin!! DING, DING!! (That would be my imaginary debate/boxing bell LOL)
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Okay, I know Ranger wasn't in the Marines, but it sounded good anyway! My wonderful SO friend, Ms. Patt, sent me some yummy pictures a little while back, and I am just now getting to posting them on here. Sorry I've been such a slacker, Patt!

Grab a large napkin girls, cuz here they are in all their glory:

I caught the previews for Speilberg's new T.V. series, 'Terra Nova,' starring the yummy Jason O'Mara (a.k.a Joe Morelli) during the superbowl. Jason was looking delicious as always. It will be premiering on Fox May 23. The above pic is from that new TV series.

And, as I had mentioned before, the sexy Daniel Sunjata will now be playing Nurse Eli on Grey's Anatomy... in case any of you gals wanted to load up on some Joe and Ranger eye candy before 'One for the Money' hits theaters.

Still waiting for that trailer by the way.....

Thanks again, Patt, for the amazing pictures!

Katie Heigl is at it again! ;)

Katherine Heigl looking cute as always filming "New Year's Eve."
Katherine Heigl is in New York on set filming her new movie, 'New Year's Eve' directed by Garry Marshall. She is replacing Halle Berry in the role. This is a description from the movie I found from Kheigl.com:

"Earlier this week, Katherine arrived in New York to shoot the ensemble romantic comedy "New Year's Eve". She will play a caterer forced to work on December 31st serving a party attended by her former boyfriend, who is now a famous rock musician. The musician will be played by Jon Bon Jovi."
Although I wasn't too impressed with Garry Marshall's romantic comedy 'Valentine's Day' carrying an all star cast, I will definitely have to catch this one just because Heigl is in it and I just love her stuff!

Cover Art for Janet Evanovich's "Smokin Seventeen"

Here it is, the cover art for the new book coming out, "Smokin' Seventeen," in Evanovich's traditional eye-popping, vibrant-colored fashion. They will be coming out with excerpts from the book next month. Can't wait!!

So, what do you think guys?  I like it!