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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

'OFTM' News Has Slowed to a Crawl! =(

Wow, I thought being gone for 5 days I would come back to a ton of updates, news, and pictures to post. There's nada, zip, zilch!! =(

I don't know about you, but I'm extremely disappointed and starting to go through withdrawals!!  For now, I have a few Evanovich daily quotes to post which I will do shortly.

Also, the Stephanie Plum movie T-shirt contest is still going on, so send in your suggestions for a chance to win a cool "One for the Money" movie T-shirt! 

Hope everyone had a good weekend, and I will post some more interesting stuff as soon as I have it on my hot little computer screen!!


  1. I guess that inbetween active filming and promoting the movie, there is not much news that would be out there.
    Gotta see if Katherine starts mentioning the movie on her talk show circuit.


  2. I know...it kind of sucks that there is so little news! Gotta get creative here. She starts a talk show circuit I believe on September 27 with Regis and Kelly and David Letterman all in the same day. Will definitely be checking that out to see if she plugs her 'OFTM' as well. I'm sure they will ask her what she is working on and what she has just finished...i'm hoping anyway.