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Monday, September 6, 2010

Rumored Benito Ramirez for 'One for the Money'

It is not official, but according to IMDB.com "The Champ" has been cast!!!! How exciting!!  I have been waiting for this moment!!

I took a few days off from the computer to paint my house, and one of the lovely fans of Stephanie's Obsession brought this to my attention!! Thanks Redzsm!!! You're the best!!

He definitely has the body for it! Yowza!!
The actor's name is Gavin-Keith Umeh. What do you think of our psychotic prize fighter?
Wow...Lovin the creepy stare!

Gavin-Keith Umeh rumored as Benito Ramirez
Looks like he is on a boxing show called "Lights Out" on FX, so he has the experience and the skills....not to mention the physique!! He definitely has the creepy don't mess with me vibe.


  1. Wow I am loving me some Gavin-Keith Umeh. I think he'll be a good Ramirez.


    *sings* shuuuut it. lol.

  2. I think he'll definitely be a good Ramirez as far as looks are concerned. He is definitely cut in all the right places....from what I can see!! tee-hee!!

    Now for the acting...I guess I need to go do some homework and take a look at his acting skills....see if he can play a good psychopath!!

  3. Your very welcome Stephanie's Obsession :)

    This guy is the perfect Benito Ramirez!! Gosh he creeps me out. EEEEK

  4. I think if this is the real Benito, they did an excellent job!! That glare in the second picture gives me the willies!!

  5. Oh yea--looking at that picture with him staring--I can just hear him whispering--"Stephanie, the champ wants to come in"


  6. Exactly!!! I really hope this guy can do creepy. He definitely has the glare down, but I really hope he can do the psychopath thing. You know how sometimes when someone tries to look scary and crazy and they either overdo it or just can't pull the crazy, evil thing off, and you end up laughing at them because they look ridiculous??? I hope he just nails it and gives me the willies!!

  7. He looks like he could do it--
    he's gotta get the creepy whisper down too---


  8. I grew up with GK. He's a great actor and will kill it. Seriously. And uh huh, he's even hotter in person, hanging out with his daughter. Yowza.