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Saturday, September 11, 2010

John Leguizamo Interviews about Katherine Heigl on their Movie Together "One for the Money."

Great interview....Can't wait to see this movie.  Sounds like Heigl is kind of a bad ass in it!!

'Katherine Heigl Can Kick Your Ass Fri., Sep. 10, 2010 11:22 AM PDT by Marc Malkin

'Don't mess with Katherine Heigl.

The former Grey's Anatomy star whoops a lot of ass in her upcoming movie One for the Money…

"She beats me up!" says John Leguizamo, who plays a boxing manager in the flick, an adaptation of the first novel in Jane Evanovich's best-selling Stephanie Plum series about a female bounty hunter (Heigl). "She beats up some other dude. She beats up her love interest. She beats everybody up."

Not that Leguizamo is complaining. "I kind of like it," he laughs. "Does that make me weird?"

The funnyman actor wrapped Money last month in Pittsburgh. Cameras are about to start rolling on his autobiographical pic, Fugly.

Leguizamo admits he wasn't the most attractive child. His was teased—a lot—growing up in Jackson Heights, New York. "There was, 'Ugly, ugly bo ugly, banana fanana fo fugly, fee fi fo mo fugly,' " he remembers. "All kinds of stuff."

Leguizamo recently launched a contest on UrbanoTV.com for a fellow former fugly to be in the movie when he reenacts some of his stand-up. "If somebody's cool enough and brave enough to upload a video of themselves from then and then one from now, whoever has the farthest trajectory, I will bring onstage and roast you," he says.

He'll even consider people who have gone under the plastic surgery knife. "If you look good and we can't tell, then that works," Leguizamo said. "But if you've done too much and you look silly, then you haven't changed enough and you're still fugly."'

Read more: http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/marc_malkin/b199460_katherine_heigl_can_kick_your_ass.html#ixzz0zHY1vkw9
I wonder which "other dude" he is referring to?  Could it be Lonnie Dodd, the FTA that steals Stephanie's purse with her gun, ammo, etc in it, and then pushes her down on her ass in the pouring rain? He's also the guy that, when Stephanie asks for help from the ever luscious, uber bounty hunter, Ranger, ends up shooting Ranger with Stephanie's gun before she takes him down running on nothing more than prideful, pissed of bitch to apprehend him with. LOL!! What do you think?  Is that the "other guy" JL is talking about?

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