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Friday, September 3, 2010

Car Scene with Katherine Heigl on 'One for the Money' Movie Set

Katherine Heigl on set of 'One for the Money'

Thanks to KH's Twitter, we have a new picture of Katherine Heigl (Stephanie Plum) in the red Mazda again. This has got to be the car she steals from Morelli. It is in too many scenes!!  I am very, very curious and slightly worried to see what they are doing here!! I don't care what kind of car she steals from Morelli as long as she steals one. That, and I really want to see the beater car all spraypainted and lookin' ghetto!  Please tell me, screenwriters, that you have read all the books and are aware that Stephanie's cars are crucial to the story??!!!

One more thing...since I am complaining anyway, I might as well do it thoroughly right? I see Morelli as the rugged, manly type. He's a cop with stubble and bedroom skills. I don't picture a rugged, manly, cop that is talented with his hands, among other things, to be driving a cute little sports car!! Maybe it's just me though.  I picture the 'Italian Stallion' to be driving an SUV or a pickup truck myself...something strong and built to last like he is.  ;) Just sayin...

Does this breathtaking slab of eye candy look like he drives a cute little convertible?
I think this might be my new favorite picture!!!  *fans self* W-O-W!!
K...I'm done with my rant!! I'm back to being excited for this movie to come to life! Enjoy the pics!! I'm going to go spend some time with my favorite new pic for a while!!  Tee-hee!


  1. Holy crapola... in that picture he looks like one of my ex boyfriends. *blinks* Creepy.

    Anywho I agree if that is his car he needs to have someone spray paint the word "Pussy" on him because they made him a softy.

  2. OK, I'm startin to get worried too! Whats up with the sports car in all the scenes? There hasn't been one pic of her in any other car. Her stealing Morelli's SUV & him seeing her drive it was one of the funniest parts of the book!!!

    S. Obsession, you need to talk to you insider on IMDb that works on the set & get the scoop!!!

  3. Hey Stephanie's Obsession, I just checked
    http://www.mediablvd.com/forums for daily OFTM news & they had two short YouTube films that someone took today. Thought you might like em:)


    The first video you can clearly see Patrick Fischler as Vinnie and in the second video it looks like KH is hugging Jason O'Mara on set. What do you think???

    Why didn't the person film longer!?!? Damn!

  4. First of all, thank you, thank you Redzsm for the youtube videos. I need all the help I can get on new footage/info, etc. Secondly, I have been trying to get a hold of the insider on IMDB to ask some questions on who is playing Ramirez, if they are going to have a Ramirez, etc. No response. :( I'm a little worried on what they are doing here with this movie. I know it is supposed to be a Rom-com, but the whole reason these books are so popular is because they are halarious. Those cars are a crucial part of the book in making it really funny!!

    I guess I need to go practice my meditation skills and try to be patient - no easy feat - and wait for the movie to come out. :(

    And Jessica, if it looks like an old boyfriend, you must be admitting that O'Mara is at least somewhat good looking. :) :) ;) hahaha...gotcha!! Muah!!

  5. Welcome darlin!! I check that site everyday after I check yours & noticed them this morning. I'm just miffed cuz they were so short. What a tease. Sigh!

  6. I know huh? Maybe just a little while longer would have been nice. Or if they would have shot them filming it would have been even better. I guess you can't have cameras, so I am sure whomever shot it was just nervous they were going to get caught. :(

  7. Now that you have both admitted that Jason is HOT--
    heh heh----gotcha!!!!!


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