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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

Loving these fun quotes!!

'“Why can't you leave me alone? Who's going to be Mr. Cluck if you take me in?” Stuart Bagget, Three to Get Deadly'
I can't wait til they post Lula's quote about the cheesy curls. I don't remember which book it's in or exactly what she says, but she is tied up and suspended in the air. They let her down, and she has been on that Atkin's diet. She is in carb withdrawal, and there is a vending machine with cheesy curls. LOL!!! She says something like, "Does anyone have a dollar. Please someone give me a dollar!" The stealthy, sexy Ranger, who saves Stephanie again by the way, coolly puts a dollar in the machine. She buys the cheesy curls and says something like, "Oh babies! I've missed you! Momma's home!! LMAO!!  That's also the book where Lula gets chased down by a pack of dogs for buying like a pound of bacon. hahaha!! Anyone know what book that's in?? Or does anyone have the real quote??  I love that book!!


  1. I'm 99% sure that was from "To the Nines" when the webmaster guy kidnaps Lula & Albert Kloghn. Its been a few years since I've read the books though, I def need to re-read them before the movie comes out. Lula is my Fav!! Priceless :)

  2. Thanks Redzsm!!! I need to re-read the rest of the books too!! I just finished with 'One for the Money' again. I borrowed the books from my mother the first time I read them, and I am slowly but surely buying all the hardcover books for my collection.

    Lula is my favorite too! She gets me laughing so hard!!! Especially love it when she says things give her the runs!! hahaha...Who would admit that???? Lula is the best!

  3. "Yeah, for crying out loud, I'm going to marry her," Joe said. "The sooner, the better."
    Joe Morelli Hot Six

    I love a sex starved and frustrated man. When he threw the pager across the street, I roared with laughter. LOL

  4. "About that proposal, cupcake..."

    Joe Morelli Hot Six

    Can you tell which one I just finished reading today? LOL

  5. Thank you so much, Pattrose, for your quote posts. They were so great!

  6. I loved Stuart Bagget and when Stephanie chases him though the mall with the dye in her hair!!

    Honestly--I get confused as to which quote is from which book--there are so many. But boy--I wish Morelli would say one of them to me!! :P
    I am re-listening to the books--starting Hot Six this week.