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Welcome to Stephanie's Obsession! Please Enjoy!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stephanie Plum T-shirt Website

Hey guys,

The glitches have been fixed, and I have posted the link to an awesome website where you can pick up the new Stephanie Plum tees.  The link is on the left hand side of my blog, but I will also post it here.

The website is http://fictionaddictions.com/stephanie-plum-c-11.html, and they have some really cute shirts on there so far. There are more shirts to come shortly when she gets a free minute. She has been a very busy bee lately.  I want to shout out a big thanks to Lynda at Fiction Addictions for getting these tees done so quickly since I know she has been in a huge crunch for the new "Harry Potter" premiere. You're the best, Lynda!!!

Enjoy!! This was so fun for me!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stephanie's Obsession T-Shirt Contest Winners!

Hey guys!

It’s about time right? I'm so excited I finally have some winners to announce for our T-shirt contest! Can you believe it?

Okay, without further ado, the winners for the T-shirt contest are……

Redzsm for: “I melt for Morelli” and “Ranger’s Babe.”


Heidi for: “Morelli’s cupcake.”

If you are interested in buying some awesome Stephanie Plum gear, I will be putting a link to my lovely neighbor's website on my blog very soon. There are just a few more kinks to work out on the website before I post it, so please bear with me.

Thank you so much for participating in my contest! It was sooooo much fun!! The T-shirts are looking great!! Take a look at some of the previews of the shirts below.

The back says "If being the tunnel is wrong, I don't want to be right." LOL

The back says "It's a Plum Thing!

There will be an 's on Ranger's

What do you think ladies?  Are they cool?  There are more shirts on the website. I promise I will post the link shortly!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

I thought these 2 quotes deserved to have their own post…..

‘“Afraid you might lose control in the hall and beg me to come in and make love to you?” Joe Morelli, High Five

“Told her I was gonna spend the next twelve hours ruining you for all other men, and so she might as well go home.” Ranger, Four to Score’
(*swoon*) And this, ladies, is why I cannot decide between these 2 delicious men! Rangelli sandwich anyone? (*fanning myself*)

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

It’s that time again. I have a bunch more Stephanie Plum quotes for you:

“Cupcake, your life is scary.” Joe Morelli, Hard Eight

“One of them daytime shows did a thing on school bus drivers who got hemorrhoids on account of the seats weren't good.” Grandma Mazur, Four

“Do you have any idea what's its like for a mother to drive down the street and see her daughter chased by a rabbit?” Helen Plum, Eight

“That's what her cars do. They explode." Lula, High Five

“Next thing your seat was on fire. And then it kind of spread from there. It was glorious until these gentlemen hosed it.” Mooner, Hot Six

Love these quotes! They are good for a mood-lifting giggle first thing in the morning. ;)

T-Shirt Contest Update!

Hey guys! I just wanted to give you an update on the T-shirt contest. I am sooooo close to being able to announce the winners!

I’m meeting with my neighbor today to get a final idea of which suggestions I will be using, and then I will post the winners shortly! Sorry this has taken so long, folks!

I have seen a bunch of layouts for the shirts, and they look awesome so far!! Can’t wait to post them on here!!

So….to be continued…..but I promise it won’t be long! Hopefully I can have something for you by the end of the day!

Any Evanovichish Authors Anyone Could Recommend?

I was checking my emails, and I had a really great request from an SO reader, Redzsm!  She is looking for some new books to read that tickle her funny bone like the Janet Evanovich books do.

Anyone have any suggestions??
I know my parents recommended to me the alphabet books, but I don't know if they are funny per se, and I haven't gotten my hands on them yet to fully recommend them either. Anyone else read them?

Would love to have some funny books to read myself!  I'm reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen now, and so far it's exceptional, but not really funny.

Wish I could set aside a day to be able to read it the full way through in one sitting though instead of 20 minutes here and there .  Can't wait to see what Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson do with this movie.

Another book...just on a side note....that I would recommend as an excellent read and has just finished wrapping the movie adaptation is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.

Not a LOL kind of  book by any means, but I read the whole book in like 2 days!! It is more of a serious, suspenseful page turner, but I laughed so hard at the end of the book I almost peed my pants!!  ;O

Anyhoo...Any funny book suggestions would be awesome!! Thanks in advance, and thanks for the great inquiry, Redzsm!

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Evanovich's Book 17 Has Been Named

Hey ladies and gents:

I was browsing Janet's site for some news, and it looks like book 17 has been named! Drum roll please........

"Smokin' Seventeen."

Love the new title!!  Can't wait for the book!!

New Fan Made Wallpapers of Stephanie Plum and Joe Morelli

I received these very awesome wallpapers of the 'One for the Money' cast in my inbox, and I thought I would share with you all!!

Feel free to copy and use for your enjoyment! I'm certainly going to have to force myself to look at the uber sexy Jason O'Mara every morning when I turn on my computer (*sigh*) LOL  Poor me huh? Tee-hee!  Like I've said before....he's better than coffee for a nice pick me up in the morning!

Thanks Patt for the great pics!  You're the best!

~Stephanie's Obsession~

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

I have some great quotes for you guys today! 
“I was ready to put out, but he got some acid reflux from the cookies and had to go home.” Grandma Mazur, Lean Mean Thirteen
“Joyce Barnhardt! Joyce Barnhardt couldn't carry your water pail! You're better than Joyce Barnhardt!” Helen Plum, Four to Score
“What's the matter? This the first time you've seen a hung-over transvestite? Sally Sweet, Four to Score
“Connie and me were just thinking we needed some chocolate doughnuts, weren't we, Connie?” Lula, Hot Six
“Has anyone told him the horse kid belongs to Valerie?” Frank Plum, Hard Eight
“All you have to do is pee on the plastic strip and wait for it to change color.” Mary Lou Molnar, Four to Score
“I think we should look in her panties drawer. That's where I'd go if I was a snake.” Big Dog, Hard Eight
“I've been to the other side. I see things. I got the eye.” Grandma Bella, Four to Score
“This here's the first time she exploded a garbage truck.” Lula, High Five
“Cupcake, your middle name is trouble.” Joe Morelli, Four to Score
“It wasn't my fault that the funeral parlor burned down. And I almost never shoot people.” Stephanie, Hard Eight
“Bob's been a good boy today, except for eating that roll of toilet paper.” Grandma Mazur, Hot Six
“What do you think you are, the Terminator?” Vincent Plum, Hard Eight
“I don't do things I feel are morally wrong. But sometimes my moral code strays from the norm.” Ranger, High Five
“I love fast food. You can count on it. No surprises.” Albert Kloughn, Hard Eight
“He doesn't actually eat furniture. I mean chewing isn't eating, is it?” Brian Simon, Hot Six'
Wow!! I've really been a slacker! I hope you get a good laugh out of them anyway!! Enjoy!!
“How many times have I told you not to hit people in the face. You kick them in the body where it doesn't show.” Vinnie, High Five

Friday, October 15, 2010

T-Shirt Contest Info

So, the Stephanie’s Obsession T-shirt contest is done, and I have a bunch of good suggestions to mow over.  I talked to my neighbor yesterday and gave her all my favorite picks for the T-Shirts. She has a few goodies of her own to add now that she has read the book which I thought were great! She's going to look at the entries and the suggestions I came up with and pick her favorites as well. Hopefully I can get with her within the next few days and pick out some T-shirt winners.  I’ll be sooooo excited to see the finished product on these T-shirts! More info to come shortly. Thanks for all your entries! These are going to be great!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Happy Fall!!! :) :D

So, this little gem made it into my inbox, and I couldn't help but post it here for a little giggle! :>

I am sooooo putting this in my front yard this fall!  Screw the neighbors if they can't take a joke! hahaha


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Life As We Know It" was Amazing!!!

You know when you come away from a movie, and it just affects you in a certain profound way? Well, that is what this movie did to me! I loved this movie!!! It blew me away!! Katherine Heigl was brilliant in it. Her costars, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas were equally brilliant. The story was exceptionally written. It made me laugh, cry, and really get involved in the lives of these characters. I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to this movie, and he walked away saying he would see it again and that it was pretty good!! Praise indeed coming from a guy who would rather poke himself in the eye with a sharp stick than go and watch a chick flick! There really aren’t a lot of movies today that I walk away from that I really love, but this one I absolutely loved!

In fact, I might play a little hookie from work and go see it again tomorrow! Really people, and it is not just because I really like KH, this movie was incredibly good!!!! She definitely earned her acting chops in this one!! She made me laugh, cry, and just wholeheartedly fall in love with her character! Duhamel was amazing as well. You really got a keen sense of what these poor people were going through! I felt soooooooo bad for Josh Lucas in the end too! Those dreamy blue eyes are heavenly!!! I’ll gladly take ya, Josh!! Shhhhhhh…just don’t tell my husband! ;)


Bottom line……This movie is a MUST SEE!!! Don't forget your tissues...for the tears.... and to clean up after yourself once you get done drooling over the man candy!!

Katherine Heigl Talks 'One for the Money'

Another great interview about KH taking on the Stephanie Plum role. She actually looks very nervous and sincere about selling Stephanie Plum to the fans!  Makes me like her even more. This is, again, from Kheigl.com:

‘Speaking with Extra about her new dark brown hair, Katherine confessed that the change "was little shocking at first." She added, "There's always that moment where you're like 'Oh no! No one's gonna know who I am anymore!'"

The reason for the change? Her upcoming role in the film adaptation of Janet Evanovich's novel "One For The Money", where she will portray New Jersey lingerie saleswoman turned bounty hunter Stephanie Plum.

"I don't know how to do the Jersey accent yet, but I will practice," Heigl said. "I downloaded all of the 'Jersey Shore' because I thought that could help me."’

To view the video, click on the link below:


Also, Patt and Iheartjason, this article answers your questions on whether Katherine will be doing a Jersey accent. ;)
Have I said lately that I am sooooo excited for this movie to come out?? No??? Well...I AM!!!!! :) :)

Katherine Heigl on Changing Her Hair for the 'One for the Money' Role

Another old interview from March, but still interesting. Katherine Heigl wanted to show a committment to the role and the fan base.
'A hot topic of conversation at the ShoWest Convention Awards yesterday was Katherine's recent switch to dark brown hair and she revealed to E!'s Marc Malkin that the change was driven by a new movie role.

Katherine will star in the movie adaptation of novelist Janet Evanovich's book "One For The Money" about a young, lingerie saleswoman turned bounty hunter called Stephanie Plum and it is this part that inspired her to make the change. Chatting backstage before collecting the award for Female Star Of The Year she told the reporter:

"She's a very specific kind of girl, and I didn't want to disappoint the fans because I know what it's like when your favorite book gets made into a movie and it's not what you had hoped," Heigl told me backstage before her dress disaster. "I wanted to go out there and show the fans I'm committed to Stephanie."

She's so committed that she actually made the hair switcheroo without even having a start date for filming. "I've been dying to do it anyway," Heigl said. "I love it. It's a nice change. I've just been so 'the blonde' for so long that it's nice to shake things up."'
I think she gets how important this role is to all the Stephanie Plum fans out there. Here's crossing my fingers that she delivers July 8, 2011.  I have a good feeling she will! What are your thoughts?

Janet Evanovich's Thoughts on the "One for the Money' Movie

This is another older interview from March, but according to kheigl.com, this is an article in which Variety spoke to Janet Evanovich about how she felt about ‘One for the Money’ finally making it to the big screen.

‘It was recently announced that Katherine is set to star as Stephanie Plum in a new Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment production called "One for the Money" based on the novels by author Janet Evanovich.

The author spoke with Variety in article about novelists and Hollywood, sharing some of her thoughts about the adaptation and the time taken for the movie to reach the production stage:

Janet Evanovich never thought she'd have to wait this long to see "One for the Money" developed into a movie. She sold it to TriStar for $1 million in 1994, before it hit stores. Over the years, Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon have been bandied about as potential stars for the adaptation, which producer Wendy Finerman has been shepherding from the start.

"It seems like a no brainer -- there have been all these shows about bounty hunters -- but my poor little project just has never gotten off the ground," Evanovich says. "I would like to see it happen very badly. In the beginning if it had been made, it would have really benefitted my sales. At this point, it would be the reverse. I have a readership of five to six million."

As far as Evanovich is concerned, there's no downside to a movie adaptation: "My feeling has always been, if the movie sucks, people are the going to say the book's better, and if the movie's good, more people are going to read the book."

At first, Evanovich admits, she couldn't understand why she wasn't asked to write the adaptation. Now that she knows more about the development process she's happy to have others undertake the screenwriting, which is far more collaborative than fiction writing. The project has already had more than seven writers take a pass at it.

Adapting "One for the Money" at this stage in the franchise has gotten trickier, she notes, due to the passage of time and evolution of the character. "It's kind of a double-edged sword. It would have been better to come out in the beginning," Evanovich says. "On the other hand, there's a built-in audience."’

Janet Evanovich is a Katherine Heigl Fan

This is an old interview, in fact it is an interview of when Plum Spooky came out last year. The lady who is giving the interview is a little quirky and just cracks me up. You could tell she was star struck! LOL

Anyway, I’ve been told to dig a little farther back when the Stephanie Plum news barely broke, and I would probably find some news I haven’t seen. They were right!! I’ve actually seen this video before. In fact I saw this when Reese Witherspoon still had the rights to this movie.

According to Kheigl.com, this is what they had to say about this article.

'It was recently announced that Katherine is set to star as Stephanie Plum in a new Columbia Pictures and Lakeshore Entertainment production called "One for the Money".

The film is based on the first of Janet Evanovich's series of best selling novels about an unemployed lingerie buyer who becomes a bounty hunter to make ends meet.

Last year, Evanovich gave an interview where she hoped that the movie would soon be made and was excited at the possibility of Katherine's involvement:

"I would love to see the movie. Tristar (Columbia) owns the movie rights and they just can't seem to...I don't know...get a product that they like.

However, they have just recently hired two screenwriters to do a screenplay that might feature Katherine Heigl! She would be fantastic. I am a huge Katherine Heigl fan!"'
To watch the interview in full and to find out what else Janet had to say, check out the video clip below. Poor Janet looks tired.



Stephanie Plum's Birthday

I’m a bad, bad blogger!! It was Stephanie Plum’s birthday yesterday, and I missed it!  Sorry Steph…I’m a terrible, terrible fan!

Here is the birthday cake that Janet Evanovich got for the occasion. Yum!!!

"Normally Stephanie goes for the super junkie birthday cake with the big gloppy flowers, but the Tasty Pastry made this special for her...a Boston Cream cake!  That's yellow cake with bavarian custard in the middle and chocolate icing on top." ~ Janet Evanovich
I can see why Stephanie has a hard time keeping a birthday cake in the freezer!! (Drool)
Here's to us Libras out there! May we all get an extra piece of birthday cake for our bellies just cuz we deserve it! Come to think of it....the last piece of my birthday cake is just sitting there....lonely...in the kitchen...waiting for me to scarf it down...hmmmmm.....

I hope you can forgive me!

Stephanie’s Obsession

Thursday, October 7, 2010

'One for the Money' Movie Top Ten Must See Scenes

So, I've had a lot of time on my hands, as you all know, and I was skimming over the 'OFTM' book just for the hell of it. I came across a scene that raised an interesting question, I thought...One that should be blogged about no less. ;)

I've blogged about which cars should be in the movie, but I really haven't blogged solely about which scenes must be in ‘OFTM’ for me to be a happy girl. So here they are...My top 10, and they aren't in any particular order!

*Spoiler Alert!* Detailed scenes from the book below.

1) Joe Catches Stephanie with his Jeep ~ This scene in the book is where Stephanie is having trouble with her Nova, and she decides that since she confiscated Morelli's keys when she was in his apartment and he wasn't able to drive his shiny new Jeep, she might as well look after it for him. She is driving down the street, and to her complete and utter horror, Joe is on the opposite side of the street, slack-jawed and wide-eyed, checking out Stephanies new ride. He jumps the curb, parks the van, and tries to run up to the car on a red light unsuccessfully to Steph's relief. Joe then ends up calling her on his car phone passionately quizzing her about where she got her shiny new wheels. LOL

2) Shower scene ~ This is after Joe finds out that Stephanie "commandeered" his car, and he is determined to get it back. She renders the Jeep undriveable by taking the distributor cap off and hides in the bushes to wait for him to reclaim his precious property so that she can taze him. Joe's cousin, Mooch, shows up instead and is unable to take the car back. A soggy and disappointed Stephanie goes up to her apartment and hops in the shower to get warm. Joe barges in on her and finds her armed with nothing but a shampoo bottle. His fuse is a little on the short side. After the interrogation ends badly, Joe handcuffs her to the shower rod and leaves her with the phone to call whomever she chooses to free her. She then has no choice but to call Ranger. After some heavy pleading, he comes to her aid. I have it on good authority that this scene made it into the movie, so I can put away my torch and pitchfork....for now.

3) Turkey Murder ~ Mama Plum is up to her matchmaking schemes again and invites a “winner” over to the house for dinner. Stephanie's new profession comes up, and Grandma Mazur in the process of bragging her up overturns her purse and starts cataloging her bounty hunter loot for the timid suitor. Somehow through all the excitement, Granny loads Stephanie's gun and, channeling Annie Oakley, shoots the innocent bird cooked to perfection right in the gumpy. I'm pretty positive this made it onto the movie because in a recent interview, their publicist said that they wanted to give Grandma Mazur, Debbie Reynolds, more face time and even made up a whole new scene for that reason.

4) Pussymobile ~ After Ramirez meets Stephanie and attacks her in the gym, Joe saves her from what could have been a very bad situation. After a proper tongue lashing and a couple of skinned knees, Joe walks her back to her beater Nova, and the car had been decorated Dayglo Pink with the word "pussy" written all over it. After finding out the beautiful piece of artwork is her car, Joe busts up laughing and says "Usually people go with pinstriping and a vanity plate." I would be very disappointed if this doesn't make it onto the movie.

5) Dumpster Diving ~ Joe catches Stephanie tailing his van, and after a knee knocking kiss he plants on her, he takes the keys from the ignition and throws them into a very ripe deli dumpster. After 2 showers and a bonfire of her clothes, she finally managed to get the putrid stench from her hair. I for one hope that this makes it into the movie because it just proves what a stinker Joe can be and riles Stephanie up even more for revenge. Plus it can evoke a hell of a lot of laughter! Can you just imagine KH wading around in a putrid dumpster looking for the keys… using a bread bag to dig through the muck and grumbling a long string of obscenities under her breath. LOL! This is a must have to me!

6) Lonnie Dodd FTA ~ Stephanie finds Lonnie at his house, and after she asks Lonnie, very nicely I might add, to come in and reschedule his court date, he steals her bag with her gun, pushes her off the porch into the mud, and shuts the door on her. Stephanie learns very quickly that not every FTA is as easy as her first drunken piece of cake capture. She has to call Ranger who comes and helps her and gets shot in the process by Stephanie's gun no less. This is Stephanie's first hard FTA and shows how vulnerable and naive and green she is at her new job. It also paints a very good picture of how impossible it is going to be to find the elusive Morelli. It also gives Ranger more screen time for us to appreciate how great his ass looks in those jeans...I mean...er... how skilled Ranger is...although he does end up getting shot. hahaha.

7) Morty Beyers BBQ ~ After Morty gets out of the hospital with a busted appendix, he asks Stephanie for his FTAs back. When Morty is suddenly rendered carless, he tries to steal Morelli's car from Stephanie. Unfortunately for Morty, a busted appendix ended up being the least of his problems. He ends up in tiny little pieces all over the parking lot when a bomb meant for Stephanie stops his career short. If they have Morty Beyers cast in the movie, which they do, I'm pretty sure this scene is going to make it on the big screen. I'm really looking forward to seeing Morty blown to bounty hunter Baco Bits...No offense to Morty of course...I just enjoy a good pyrotechnics show!!

8) Jimmy Alpha Attacks Stephanie ~ Surprise, surprise...Jimmy Alpha is a bad, bad boy!! He breaks in to Stephanie's apartment in order to do the job himself right this time. Stephanie prevails and Alpha gets "riddled with bullets." Now according to John Leguizamo's script, this is a little different in the movie. It sounds like the climax takes place by the meat truck down by the docks. This doesn't bother me too much just because it seems like a lot of the climaxes to Evanovich's books take place in Stephanie's apartment. A change in scenery doesn't bother me all that much. There are plenty of ways to write this climax to make it work, but all I care about is that it doesn't screw up the next scene I want to make it into the movie.

9) Stephanie Takes Joe for a Chilling Ride ~ Joe gets a little crabby when his mystery guy ends up dead in the back of the refrigerator truck, and he has no one to prove his innocence now. He proceeds to inform Stephanie that she will not be receiving her capture money she desperately needs, and he gets a little cocky and lippy in the meantime. Stephanie then locks him in the refrigerator truck being kind enough to turn up the temperature a little so he doesn't catch cold and drives him to he police station to retrieve her capture receipt. Joe’s not too thrilled with this move and tackles Stephanie the minute the truck door is unlocked. They wrestle for a moment and then Joe gets dragged away cursing like a sailor and promising his revenge. I have a feeling this made it into the script just because on a recent interview with John Leguizamo, he says that Stephanie beats him up, beats up her love which could only be Morelli, and also beats up some other guy (Which might just confirm Lonnie Dodd scene)..So here's hoping my rationalizing is on the right track.

10) Flashbacks of Stephanie's unfortunate mishaps, or fortunate...however you want to look at it, with Joe Morelli growing up. ~ I don't know how they are going to write this in the script, but it would be funny if she has a series of little flashbacks remembering her encounters with Joe Morelli growing up...It doesn’t have to be anything distasteful mind you. Maybe just 2 kids walking up to a garage, and the boy (Joe) is explaining to the girl (Steph) the rules of Choo-Choo. He explains that she is the tunnel and he is the train, and then cut to a screaming little Stephanie running out of the garage...Later a teenage Stephanie working behind the bakery counter sees the confident teenage Joe walk up to buy a cannolli with a mischievous grin on his face. Skip to a couple of feet sticking out behind the eclaire case making the outcome obvious. Then last but not least...Stephanie is driving down the road and sees Morelli walking down the sidewalk. Her face could go from surprised to angered determination as you see her swerve the wheel with a big klunk and Morelli bounces off her bumper. LOL

That's my top ten, folks! Do you agree with my choices or are there some other scenes you would like to see? Please comment below. (If anyone has any incite on any of my top ten choices, about whether or not they will make it in the movie...please feel free to confirm or deny this as well. Wink, wink!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What are the 'One for the Money' Cast up to Now?

While we are waiting for ANY 'One for the Money" news, I thought I would catch you all up with what the big 3 cast for 'OFTM' are working on now.

Joe Morelli:

The dangerously sexy, Jason O'mara is now filming 'Terra Nova,' a new Fox series produced by Steven Speilberg, in Australia.

"According to Deadline, O'Mara will play Jim Shannon, the head of a family that escapes the bleak year of 2149 by traveling back to the prehistoric era. The family joins a group of people hoping to build a shinier, happier civilization and stop the dark and dangerous future from happening."

Sounds pretty interesting right? Anything with Speilerg attached to it is usually worth watching. O'Mara was also in a 6 part television show released in Ireland January 2010, called 'Your Bad Self.'

The gorgeous Daniel Sunjata was a lot harder to find any information on. There is zero info on new projects for Sunjata right now. From what I can gather, he has been a pretty busy boy up til now. He has had 2 T.V. movies come out in April of this year, and a movie coming out sometime this year (haven't posted a release date as of yet) called 'Weakness' about "a suburban high school teacher who loses his wife and his moorings during a summer break." Sunjata will play Alejandro. Season 6 of 'Rescue Me' where he plays firefighter, Franco Rivera, finished a few months ago, and now season 7 will be airing next year on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Daniel Sunjata also keeps fairly busy with his 9/11 projects/fundraisers/etc.

Stephanie Plum:

The always lovely Katherine Heigl has been pretty busy postproduction of 'OFTM.' From launching her Compassion Revolution campaign to aid in the epidemic of homeless pets to promoting the premiere of her new movie coming out Friday, October 8, 2010, 'Life As We Know It." Her new movie, 'Life As We Know It,' she plays Holly, and it's about "two single adults become caregivers to an orphaned girl when their mutual best friends die in an accident." Her next projects in the works are:  'Escape,' 'Is He the One,' 'Lost & Found,' 'Drawn Together,' and 'Adaline.'  Looks like Heigl is going to be a very busy woman for the next little while.

So there you have it. At least it is some news to tide you over until we can get some "OFTM' tidbits pouring in.  Please, Lakeshore, throw us a bone!!!

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New Pictures of Katherine Heigl in Redbook Magazine

More pictures of the lovely Katherine Heigl have surfaced!  This is from her Redbook shoot. She is stunning as always!

Also, I thought I'd post some pictures of KH on the red carpet at her new movie premiere, "Life As We Know It."   
Lucky girl. I want to have a Josh sandwich!! Josh Duhamel is gorgeous as usual and the

handsome Josh Lucas is looking very dapper in his blue suit!  I love Josh Lucas. I think he is a phenomenal actor. Got my first crush on him when I saw "Sweet Home Alabama."  Wish he was in more films.

And Katherine back to blond.  Even though she looks better as a blond, I really liked her as a brunette Stephanie.

Sorry for posting nothing but Katherine news lately even though I adore her. I have been trying to get a variety, but she is the only actor from 'OFTM' right now that seems to be getting any press.  I'll keep looking! Enjoy!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

I have a few great quotes for you today!!
'“I'm from the Burg. I was putting makeup on Barbie before I could walk.” Stephanie, Four to Score'
'“I have a girlfriend who finds dead guys. Why me?” Joe Morelli, Hot Six'
'“If I was a bounty hunter I'd f shoot lots of people.” Sally Sweet, Four to Score'
'“Everyone come to the table before the lamb gets cold. I don't want to hear anymore talk about aliens and killing.” Helen Plum, High Five'
Hope you enjoy them!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ranger (Daniel Sunjata) Looking Very Delicious in Only a Towel

So, I came in my office to check my messages and as I opened an email from a wonderful S.O. reader, Heidi, stating on the subject line, "Show Ranger some love too," my body heat instantly rose quite a few notches!! Ooooooooh Myyyyyy! Thank you, Heidi!! I'm definitely feeling the love for Ranger right now!!

I'm speechless!!

I have posted other shirtless pics of the hot and sexy Daniel Sunjata before, and they were enough to make me stick my head in the freezer for sure, but this might cause me to have to take a looooong, cold shower! I must confess that I have always thought that Sunjata was gorgeous and fit the description well of Ranger, but I thought he could stand to bulk up a bit as I had mentioned in my early, early posts. Well, I'm eating my words now.  The concern I was having with his arms being maybe a little bit to lean has gone right out the window. Obviously this picture I had of DS on set just doesn't do the man justice.

Ranger on 'OFTM' set. As I said, the guns are kind of hidden here. =(
Here is the other shirtless picture I  posted a while back, and he does look a little smaller in this one. His chest is still impressive, but you can tell that his shoulders and arms are maybe just a little slimmer here.
When Janet introduces ranger in the book, she describes him as: "His biceps looked like they'd been carved out of granite and buffed up with Armour-all. He was around 5'10" with a muscular neck and a don't-mess-with-me body." The way I pictured Ranger is a solid, special forces, Military type build looking like he could definitely kick some ass but not a body builder, Rambo-type physique. I think he is definitely sporting that here in the first picture.

On behalf of all us Ranger Babes out there, thank you so much for the magnificent piece of drool-inducing  eye candy!  It will happily be going under my pillow tonight along with my picture of Morelli, hopefully provoking some straight up sinful dreams tonight!!! tee-hee..

I certainly did not mean to neglect our beloved and yummy bounty hunter by any means. I just hadn't stumbled across any pics or news lately!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!! In fact, I would love to know what day of the week and what time 'Rescue Me'  is on, so that I can see Daniel Sunjata in action if anyone knows please?

I actually belong to the group of the undecided when it comes to Team Ranger versus Team Morelli...I love them both equally and have never been able to decide between the mysterious bad boy and the playful Italian love machine. They both seem like heavenly bliss to me, so I'm firmly embedded in Team Rangelli. I just can't wait to watch this movie on the big screen and see if it evokes the same feelings out of me that it did in the book. Will it make it easier for me to decide whom I want more, or will it further continue to keep me torn and conflicted between them both???

So what do you think, ladies??? Is he drool worthy?  Is he Ranger? I definitely think that if he is sporting this physique and captures the bad-ass, mysterious vibe that is Ranger, I'll be one very happy woman bouncing up and down  in my seat with giddy excitement on July 8th!!