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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Evanovich's Daily Stephanie Plum Quote

'“Boy, Hobbits know how to have a good time.” Lula, Sizzling Sixteen'
I really need to go buy me this book!!  I'm a slacker, I know!!


  1. Mooner & His Hobbits at the end made me LOL!

  2. Oh, still waiting on book #16 to get here in the mail. Hhmmm, maybe today!! I can't wait, aahhhh! Thanks for your great website. ; )

  3. Welcome, welcome to my blog! Thanks so much! I'm so glad you like it!! Welcome, welcome to my blog!!

  4. hahaha I said that twice didn't I??? I'm a retard!!!

  5. DREAM CAST (not just for this movie):

    Stephanie Plum - Gennifer Goodwin
    Ranger - Bobby Cannavale
    Joe Morelli - Joe Manganiello
    Vinnie Plum - Steve Buscemi
    Grandma Mazur - Ellen Albertini Dow
    Lula - Mo'Nique
    Eddie Gazarra - Paul Rudd
    Connie - Leah Remini
    Benito Ramirez - DMX
    Frank Plum - Dan Hedaya
    Helen Plum - Dianne Wiest
    Valerie Plum - Jennie Garth
    Sally Sweet - Alexis Arquette
    Diesel - Gerard Butler
    Joyce Barnhardt - Parker Posey
    Dickie Orr - Dax Shepherd
    Tank - Michael Clark Duncan
    Albert Kloughn - Larry Joe Campbell
    Randy Briggs - Jon Simanton

  6. love the blog ! thanks so much for providing all us with a Stephanie sanctuary :D