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Monday, September 13, 2010

Official Logo for 'One for the Money?'

Hey guys, per Lakeshore Entertainment's website, this is the logo they are using to advertise 'One for the Money.' Whether this is the official one or not, I don't know.

So, what do you guys think?  I'm thinking I like the crosshairs in the middle of 'One' better personally, but this is good too! This could also be something they just threw together to fill the slot until they have the official logo. Regardless, it's kinda cool to have something to look at while we count the endless days until this movie opens. *sigh*


  1. They should have Jason's pic on there!!


    I'm incorrigible!!!!


  2. Cant wait to see it....and glad i found someone as obsessed at me and my friend Joyce..ha..ha..

  3. Iheartjason,

    I agree that Jason needs to be on the cover, not that you are incorrigible. hahaha...Thought I might clarify that.

  4. But I am Stephanies Obsession--
    And damn proud of it!

    I am having a good time over here!!