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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Starting to warm to Sherri Shepherd/Lula Role

Being as emphatic as I was about Mo'Nique playing the Lula role, I was getting a little disappointed about their cast pick of Sherri Shepherd.  Not ever seeing her act at all, I decided to do some digging around and found some episodes of The View on http://www.youtube.com/. I watched a halarious video of Sherri Shepherd getting a brazilian wax for her reveal in a bikini on The View.

Sherri Shepherd
This is the link for that video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lB6hVEP1QUU

I also looked her up on her IMDB link, and found out that she was Robert's partner, Officer Judy, on "Everybody Loves Raymond." I loved her in that role, and I think Officer Judy was pretty close to the kind of spunk she is going to need in "One for the Money".

Here's a link to a clip of Officer Judy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGrCVGsAypk

I'm definitely warming up to Sherri Shepherd playing Lula! What are your thoughts?
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New Suggestion Found for Grandma Mazur

Ann Morgan GuilbertImage via Wikipedia
I was digging for more Stephanie News and came across a fan suggestion for Ann Morgan Guilbert as Grandma Mazur.  She used to play Grandma Yetti on the old "The Nanny" episodes. I actually think this is a good pick. Can you just see her rolling her her dentures around in her mouth, the wheels spinning in her head, tyring to figure out a way to get a peek in the coffin laid out at Stiva's Funeral Home?  LOL!!

I wonder if she is too old to stay in the series for the duration, but I think she is perfect for the role!
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Stephanie Plum Website

Hey guys,

I found a fun new website called http://www.stephanieplum.com/. It is a quirky little website with a map of The Burg, games, and fun info.  You should check it out. It is kind of fun to see the layout of the city!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Another Picture of Katherine Heigl on Set

I found another picture via Twitter of Katherine Heigl filming a new scene.
Not sure what scene it's for, but enjoy!  Maybe when Stephanie takes her old beater car to the shop to get fixed? Or is that the infamous Uncle Sandor's car?

Professional Boxer, Andres Taylor, On One for the Money Movie

According to http://www.ourtownonline.biz/, there is a new actor revealed for the movie. I don't know....he said he has about 10 minutes of  face time in this movie.  Could this be Ramirez or just one of the boxers in the gym when Stephanie goes to ask Ramirez about Joe Morelli???? Hmmmmm....

He's not a professional actor, so maybe he is just one of the boxers in the gym.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

'"I've got a face part in this boxing scene," Taylor said over his cell phone July 22 during a brief break from filming.

"The part we're doing is maybe 10 minutes of the movie, but it probably took 40 hours to make just this part."

Fittingly, Taylor will appear as a boxer in the film.

"They came to our gym for a casting call. They took our pictures and called for me and another guy to do a face scene."

Taylor said he gained a newfound respect for actors through the experience.

"It's pretty cool. I never knew it was like this. You get to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff," he said. "Those actors, they're really working. It's a real job."'

I can't wait to see who they have cast as Ramirez.  He has to be pretty big and creepy.  Would love if they got Mike Tyson, but I think he is too old and out of shape. :(

Who would you like to see cast as Ramirez?

Part of One for the Money Script Revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

According to http://www.kheigl.com/, John Leguizamo twittered that he was heading to rehearsals on July 8 and also posted a picture of his script!!!!!! John Leguizamo plays Jimmy Alpha, Ramirez's agent. This is sooooo exciting!!!!

Picture of the script after the break....
****Warning Spoiler Alert***

Ashton Kutcher Thinks Katherine Heigl is "Halarious."

In Australia, Ashton Kutcher was talking to the Daily Telegraph about working with his costar, Katherine Heigl, on their new movie "The Killers."  This is what he had to say about the actress:

"There are only a couple of leading ladies who can really do comedy, and she's one of them," he said. Kutcher then added, "Honestly, there are a ton of great actresses, but very few true comedic leading ladies of the Lucille Ball type who come and bring comedy. Katherine's got it. She gets it. She understands it. She can go toe to toe with anyone. Comedically, she could bury me,"

This makes me feel a lot better about the actress playing Stephanie Plum, especially comparing her to the comedic performances of Lucille Ball, which I totally compare Stephanie Plum and Lula's antics to.  Like I've said before, she has the comedic physicality to play the part. I just hope she can be as sassy as Stephanie is in the books. 

What do you think? Does she have the stuff to carry the part?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daniel Sunjata on Set of One for the Money

Kinda disappointed with the way Daniel Sunjata looks. I wish he would have pumped up a little more for the movie!!! :(

One for the Money Movie Set Pics

I founds some more pics of Katherine Heigl on set thanks to http://www.kheigl.com/!!!! Here they are. What do you think?  Is she Stephanie?

This last photo is of the faux Stark Street right in front of the tatoo parlor which in a previous blog was suppoed to be where Stephanie interviews the two hookers, Lula and Jackie.   Could this be Lula walking up to the car???? Hmmmmmmm, maybe. ;)


Thanks to http://www.boringpittsburgh.com/, here are some more set pictures of "One for the Money" being filmed in Northside by the Garden Theater.
Makeshift tent for cast and crew
This must be the fake wall of graffiti that was put in to hide the view of the park across the street.
The formerly closed down Garden Theater Hollywood fixed up to look like a XXX movie theater.
This is what the street looked like before Hollywood got to it.  Much better right?
What do you think? Does it look like what you pictured Stark Street to look like?


Hey Everyone, these are a little bit old, July 15, 2010, but still interesting.

She looks like she could be half Hungarian, half Italian right? Would love to hear your comments about Ms. Heigl as the new Stephanie Plum. Are you feeling her or not?

Would love to get some new pictures of the cast on set.  Will post as soon as I find some.


According to Post-Gazette.com, a local Pittsburgh news source, Katherine Heigl was spotted filming the part in the book where she is questioning Lula and Jackie, the prostitutes she encounters on Stark Street. This is an excerpt from that article: "Yesterday, a couple of familiar faces in unfamiliar hair styles and colors and fashions were stationed in front of the adult store and tattoo parlor. They belonged to Ms. Heigl, clad in a green top and jeans with long dark hair hanging loose, and Sherri Shepherd and Ryan Michelle Bathe, who play hookers Lula and Jackie."
"Stephanie was questioning the pair about a possible witness to a shooting who's gone missing. Ms. Shepherd, in a short wig, was closer to Ms. Evanovich's description of the women's wear of stretchy tank tops and tight-fitting knit shorts while Ms. Bathe's slender form was balanced on high heels in the 86-degree heat. "Bye bye," Ms. Shepherd called out, ending the encounter as the trio drifted toward some bottles of water and a tent providing cover for the filmmakers." Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10204/1074699-60.stm#ixzz0uzvbGcze

According to Post-Gazette.com, they have transformed a whole area near the old Garden Theater into Trenton, New Jersey's Stark Street including the gym where she encounters the heavyweight boxer, Ramirez; smoke shop; adult store; etc, complete with a makeshift graffiti covered wall to cover the park across the street. 

Sounds exciting doesn't it?  I cant wait to see how Lula looks. There were rumors that Sherri Shepherd was going to play dual roles, both Lula and Jackie, the hookers from Stark Street, but this article confirms that Ryan Michelle Bathe is playing the role of Jackie.  I was a little weary about Shepherd playing both roles and if it would be kind of cheesy and fake, so this is good news to me.

I can't wait to see how Joe and Ranger end up looking.  Still a little weary of the cast picks, but I'm willing to give them a chance. ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Finally!!! After all this time, "One for the Money" is being made into a movie!! According to The Movie Insider, "One for the Money" started filming in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas on July 15, 2010. Although I am ecstatic that they are finally bringing my favorite book series to the big screen, the news is bittersweet. 

Katherine Heigl on the set as Stephanie Plum
Some of the casting for the movie has been announced placing Katherine Heigl, above, as the heroine, Stephanie Plum.  I personally like Katherine Heigl's movies, and while she is no Sandra Bullock or Marisa Tomei, (my top picks for the movie role) they sadly are getting too old for the part. I think that Katherine's comedic talent could pull off the stubborn, clumsy, jersey girl role, and I'm quite interested to see how she does with this character. I'm crossing my fingers that she nails the part.

Katherine Heigl on the set of "One for the Money."
Joe Morelli and Ranger have also been cast according to IMDB.   The sexy former cop on the run will be played by Jason O'Mara, an Irish born actor, which I think is totally wrong for the part. Joe is supposed to be an irresistible, full bred Italian slab of eye candy, and although O'Mara seems like a handsome guy, he just doesn't seem to fit the bill in my mind. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli
Ranger will be played by Daniel Sunjata, also a very handsome man, but not what I envisioned as the uber bad-ass bounty hunter, Ranger.  Yet again, we are going to have to wait and see if he can bring the mysterious, all-business deliciousness that is Ranger.
Daniel Sunjata as Ranger

Another all important role, especially if they decide to make more movies out of the book series, is Lula. Sherri Shepherd has been cast as the full-figured, loose-lipped ho Stephanie questions to get a lead on finding Joe Morelli. Although I think that physically she fits the part, I have never seen her act, so I'm undecided about the pick.  I saw Mo'Nique as Lula the whole time I was reading the books, and that actress has kind of stuck with me.

More after the break.