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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Discussion About Ranger 'One for the Money.'

Only picture seen of Daniel Sunjata as Ranger

I was doing some digging today trying to figure out when the movie wraps, and I noticed that the only picture we have of Ranger was fairly early on in the filming process, July 16th or 17th I think.  For all of us Ranger fans out there, I'm a little concerned about this. Does this mean that Ranger is hardly in this movie??  I hope this is not the case!  I know he is only in a few parts of the first book, but hopefully they included all the parts he is in so that we get an acceptable dose of Ranger candy in this film.

I for one think that the filmmakers should stick to the book as much as possible if they want to avoid having a big, angry mob of Stephanie Plum fans severely pissed off. I won't even go into my concern about the car situation since I have whined about that on a couple of different occasions. ;)

There are 3 different scenes that I can think of off the top of my head that I need to see Ranger in and are crucial in my opinion:

1) Ranger meets Stephanie and agrees to help her. They can skip the Professor Higgins dialogue if need be. It was cute, but not super, super important.

2) Ranger helps Stephanie out of her shower predicament. LOL!! This HAS to be in the movie!! If not I'm liable to have a tantrum right in the movie theater. This is one of my favorite scenes in the whole book, and I laughed so hard when I read it the first time.

3) When Ranger helps Stephanie out with an apprehension gone very wrong and gets shot in the process. I think this is important because it shows how much of a novice Stephanie is to get her pocketbook taken from her with her gun, and she has to call for help to get it back.  It makes her more believeable in her character and how hopelessly ironic her whole situation is. Also, it shows how impossible her plan is of trying to catch the ever ellusive, highly trained vice cop, Morelli, and the only reason she keeps finding her man again and again is because she is very inventive in her search for the gorgeous Joe fueled by revenge, greed, and an inner stubbornness to prove that she can do the job even with amazing odds stacked against her.

If nothing else, I hope that they at least introduce a little sexual tension between Ranger and Stephanie preferably during the shower scene. That ought to spice up the love triangle a little bit and set it up for the next movie...that I'm crossing my fingers they make. Tee-hee!

Any thoughts? Any scenes I've missed? Anything you'd like to add?


  1. Have to agree they need all of those parts in the film. I'm doubting this casting director and directors and writers skills right now... okay, I've BEEN doubting them but even more so. lol.

    ... Can I lead the lynch mob? Oh wait, I think I already am. LOL.

  2. hahaha..If they cut out my favorite parts, I'll join you, Jessica!! ;) ;)

  3. The shower scene is absolutely crucial!!!!! I agree that if its not in the movie, I WILL throw a tantrum! It was one of my fav parts.

    Its been a few years since I read the first book so I can't remember any scenes with him other than the ones you listed.

    For some reason, the shower scene is the only one I remember...I wonder why ;)

  4. Yes the shower scene is in the movie.

  5. Shower scene:


  6. I read somewhere, twitter possibly, that a buyer from the shoot had bought seven shower curtains because they were needed for a scene where they might get ripped, so at least we know that's in it. Although there was no sexual tension between Ranger and Steph in the first book (Thank God) I think it's a safe bet that they'll introduce it in the movie to set up the triangle.

  7. Yes Niamh, I was just tipped off about that comment today! ;) I'm so glad that scene has made it into the movie. I just hope that the story is true. Welcome to my blog by the way! I hope you enjoy it!

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