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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morelli's Car in 'One for the Money or Black Rangeman Vehicle?!?!'

Thanks to an anonymous tipster on my website, I had a chance to take a second glance at some pictures that I didn't think had any significance before. If you follow my site, you know I've done a little bit of whining lately about them not having the cars that were in the book and how important those cars are.

Well, when I took a second glance at these pictures, I noticed that they have what looks like the Black Cadillac Escalade up on a trailer, and they are filming it!!!!  This was shot, I believe, the very first week of filming.

Black Escalade up on trailer being filmed.

So, my initial thought was that we found Morelli's SUV that Stephanie "commandeers," but then I remembered that the ever mysterious and delicious Ranger is always driving some type of nice black car/SUV for his Rangeman business. Plus, the only picture we have of Ranger on set was, I believe, shot this same day with him right in front of this particular SUV.

Only picture we have of Daniel Sunjata (Ranger ) on set.

Nevertheless, these pictures have more meaning then they did before when I thought they were just boring pictures of the set. So thanks again my anonymous tipster!!

Another picture of the Escalade receiving lots of attention.

What do you think?  Morelli's SUV or Rangeman assault vehicle? I'm thinking the latter.


  1. I'm thinking Ranger's SUV. I don't think the writers would have Joe drive an Escalade (cop salary & all). Hope they still include his SUV though & Big Blue!

  2. I know. It would make me feel so much better if I could just get a glimpse of them filming KH in her beater Nova (or something like it) and Morelli's SUV. I do actually have a picture of big blue. I'll post it on here shortly. :)

  3. Hey Redzsm,

    I found what I think is big blue on an earlier post. http://stephaniesobsession.blogspot.com/2010/07/just-another-picture-of-katherine-heigl.html
    Not exactly the same model or year, but I figure they are probably trying to accommodate for bringing the movie into the present day.

  4. Redzsm, It could also be the beater car just because it looks like it is in some kind of body shop or something. Getting the muffler fixed maybe?? But it is just strange that they would pick the same color blue that Uncle Sandor's car is described as. I know that Uncle Sandor's car is not introduced in the first book either, but that would be kind of an easy fix really. Sure would love to know what direction they are going with the cars. I think it would say a lot about what is going on with the movie itself with what they have kept and what they have thrown out in the movie. I don't know why I am so obsessesed with the cars??? hahaha...I guess it is just that some of the funniest moments I remember in the books have had to do with her cars or cars she was loan or stolen.

  5. Oooooh Thanx Stephanie's Obsession :-) I vaguely remember seeing that picture before but only noticed KH, not the car. Duh me! It must be Big Blue, too much of a coincidence otherwise, right!?!?

    I don't think your obsessed with the car thing...they are a pivotal part of the books!! True Evanovich fans get it ;)

  6. Thanks Redzsm,

    I'm glad there are other people that get the car thing.

    I'm wondering if they just took out the Nova.:( I guess if they were going to cut out one of her cars, that would be the one to cut out and add in the Uncle Sandor's car instead? That would seriously bum me out if they took out the spraypainting thing, but if you are trying to cut down the movie and make everything fit, that would probably be the way to go?? (sniffle, sniffle)

  7. The cars are a hugh part of all the books--
    you can't leave them out.
    I am just wondering if they are kind of incorporating some elements of other books into this one. Cause Grandma was not really in the first book too much.