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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Contest Time!!! Ready for some Morelli/Ranger/Stephanie 'One for the Money' T-shirts?

Okay guys, you asked and I delivered!! My graphics designer friends are interested in doing some cool shirts for the upcoming movie, so now I am holding a contest to get some awesome ideas of what you want on the shirts!!  This is going to be soooo FUN!! So, get your creative juices flowing and lets come up with some great ideas! 

All you have to do is email me with your idea(s) using my contact emailer gadget on the right hand side of my blog. Please don't submit ideas in the comments section because they won't be used, and you don't want others to bogart your awesome suggestions.  You will have to leave your name so that I can contact you if your idea is chosen. My neighbors and I will look over all the entries and pick out the best ones!  I would like to have a few different designs to choose from. Once we have chosen the winners, I will  post them and their ideas on my blog. The contest winners will then receive a 'OFTM' T-shirt of their choice.
Okay...*cracks knuckles*...Now for the contest guidelines:

Anyone can play in this contest. You don't have to be an official follower on my blog to submit an idea. (Although if you like my site and visit often I wouldn't complain if you did join...wink, wink LOL)

Submit any ideas that come to mind....even crazy, out there ones.  If your submission sparks an idea of something we might use on the shirts as long as it is close, you will certainly get credit for it. Copyright laws, from what little I've been told, will not allow us to take any direct quotes from the book or use any actors'/actresses' pictures on the shirts, but everything else is fair game!! The winning ideas will be the property of the graphics company to use in the production and distribution of 'OFTM' merchandise. All proceeds made from the merchandise will go to the graphics company.  (I'm not trying to make any money here.  I just want a variety of  fun shirts to choose from.)

If there are multiple submissions of the same idea that we end up using, the first person to submit the idea will be the winner.

This contest is running indefinitely for now because I'd really like a good deal of ideas to choose from. I'll set a deadline for the submissions as soon as I have one for you. I'm thinking the contest will run for about 3-4 weeks.

That's all for now. If I think of something else important, I will post it later on.

As soon as the T-shirts are designed and made, I will post a link to the website so you can start shopping!! ;)

Have fun and happy brainstorming!!

~Stephanie's Obsession~


  1. S.O., I just emailed you a few ideas, did I do it right? It didn't send the first time & acted kinda goofy, so I resent it. Just making sure it went through.

    I really do know how to email & am not a complete Sped!

  2. I did get it, Redzsm! LOL Thanks so much! I really like your first one!!!

  3. This is exciting--
    I'll have to get my creative cap on.