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Monday, September 13, 2010

New 'One for the Money' Cast Revealed!!!! WHOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!

According to Kheigl.com, we have some new cast members!!!!!! HEEEEEEE!!!  They have confirmed Ramirez being played as Gavin-Keith Umeh and much, much more. 

Here they are: (I received the character descriptions from Evanovich.com)

Adam Paul - Bernie Kuntz
'Appliance salesman who is another potential match for Stephanie in her mother's mind. He suffers admirably through a typical Plum-family dinner.'

Annie Parisse - Mary Lou
'Stephanie's best friend since childhood. Notable quote: "He specializes in virgins! The brush of his fingertips turns virgins into slobbering mush." (referring to Joseph Morelli, of course)'

Gavin Keith Umeh - Ramirez
'Outstanding heavyweight boxer. World-class psycho. Notable quote: "You're scared now, I can smell it..."'

Fisher Stevens - Morty Beyers
'Bounty hunter working for Vinnie, out with a busted appendix.'
I think they did an awesome job with the rest of the cast!! I pictured Morty Beyers a little more chubby, but I really like who they picked. He can totally play a sleezeball!

I am just so excited because announcing this cast really gives me hope that they are going to stick very close to the book!! 

If Morty Beyers is in it, that means that Morelli's car is almost definitley going to blow up! Yay!!

Mary Lou is in it which makes me happy, even though she has a small, small part in the book, because I just love her character. And the actress they picked is just great!!

Gavin-Keith Umeh is a really creepy Ramirez and a very good pick!

And Adam Paul looks like a good fit for Bernie Kuntz. I don't believe I have seen him in anything, but he fits the description in the book. Plus, he has a pretty insignificant part in the book as well, other than Stephanie sees Sal's Butcher Shop across the street when she is buying a blender, so they have to be sticking pretty close to the book!!!

*Doing the KH happy dance!!!* What do you think of the new cast picks?


  1. First, the actress they picked to play Mary Lou is adorable! She looks like a Mary Lou. I love when Steph & her BFF get together, always hysterical!! Hijinks ensue :)

    Second, I'm glad the they settled on the uber-creepy Gavin Keith Umeh to play The Champ. Some people on IMDb didn't like him as a choice, I disagree, I think he's perfect!!

    So excited!! I'm doin your *KH happy dance!*

  2. Redzsm,

    I agree. Annie Parisse is adorable!! I loved her character on 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.' "Drama, drama, drama" hahahaha. I also thought she did really well in 'The Pacific' as John Bassilone's love interest.

    I also agree about Gavin-Keith Umeh. I saw the comments about him on IMDB too. Their argument is that there are other actors that have more boxing experience than him and are more intimidating than him, but can they act? He has a new boxing show coming out on FX, and, if I read some of the articles right, he is also a boxer off the acting stage as well. So, I don't get that they say he doesn't have as much experience as some of the other guys they had picked. And that stare and his physique?!?!....how could that not be intimidating? If you look at the pics of his new boxing show. (I also have one on my website) he definitely has the rock hard boxer's body to pull off the intimidating part. And the look in the picture above makes me want to crawl into the corner and start sucking my thumb, so I don't know what they are talking about no intimidation...hahaha. Now that I have written a novel....I agree Redzsm!!

  3. I like all of them. The only actor I don't like is Fisher Stevens but he'll play that part perfectly, so he's perfect for it. It's looking like a real movie these days. I sure wish we'd see pictures of Joe's car though.

  4. Me too Patt!! I want to get the whole car thing figured out. I asked my insider about the car thing, but they didn't know anything or couldn't say. :(

    Hopefully we can find out something before too long!! I'm just so excited to have some more characters to look at.

  5. I am really excited for this movie.
    I think the cast is looking real good.
    The only role I was surprised at was KH and not because I don't like her-cause I do--but just cause I had never thought of her as Stephanie.
    I am soooooo tired of all the people on IMDB who just come on to complain about the casting.
    GO AWAY!!!
    Let us enjoy the making of this movie!
    ok--I'm done! :P


  6. I'm with ya, I heart Jason. I think the cast is looking fantastic!! I was a little surprised at first at KH in the role just because I hadn't thought of her either, but now I look at her, and I can't see anyone else as Stephanie. I think she is going to be so great! I think this movie is going to blow a lot of people away, I can just feel it.