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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Examining Some Old Photos of 'One for the Money' Set

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I was looking at some old photos again of the 'OFTM' set, and I thought maybe I found what could be Morelli's car?

I posted this picture quite a while ago wondering if the woman with the short black hair was Lula. It sure looks like Sherri Shepherd (Lula) to me. Also, the woman behind her with the long blond hair looks an awful lot like Jackie.  

Jackie (Ryan Michelle Bathe)  and Lula (Sherrie Shepherd)

Anyhoo...The camera crew's attention seems to be focused on filming this blue SUV with Lula in the background yelling at what looks like someone down the street a ways. This kind of threw me off a little since she isn't talking to the person in the SUV, and the article that came with this said that Katherine Heigl (Stephanie) was filmed walking up to Lula and Jackie and questioning them.

If you follow my blog at all, you know that I am extremely adamant about them keeping fairly close to the book when it comes to the cars (or the whole movie for that matter), and I've been a little nervous since I have seen nothing but the red convertible Stephanie has been driving around on set.

When I zoomed in on this picture trying to identify the woman driving the car, it unfortunately got all blurry, but I was able to make out a slender woman with brown somewhat curly hair. Could this be Stephanie driving Morelli's car perhaps? It sure looks a lot more like something he would drive.

Tried to zoom in. This is as close as I got without the picture turning into little squares.

Also, it has been confirmed that the shower scene is in the movie, and why else would Morelli barge in on Steph while she's in the shower other than looking for his distributor cap she took from his vehicle.  My other clue that this might be Morelli's car is that Morty Beyers has been cast, and why else would they cast Morty in this movie other than to blow him up into itty, bitty bounty hunter pieces in Morelli's car?

So what do you think?? Have I stumbled onto Morelli's car or has the cheese slid off my cracker?

I for one am doing the KH happy dance, cuz I think I'm onto something here?!?!?! (Any help confirming this from my completely awesome, anonymous inside source would be so greatly appreciated!!  wink, wink...pretty please with sugar on top??)

Although this is not really NEW news, it's still pretty exciting right?
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  1. I think you are right SO.
    It does look like Stephanie in the car. She kept driving to Stark Street to look for Morelli.
    And I agree also with you about Morty Beyers--if you are not blowing up Morelli's car-you don't need him in the movie at all.


  2. Thanks Iheartjason,

    I would be so happy if this was Morelli's car. At least I would know that they were going to keep Morelli catching Steph with his car and her installing an alarm system in it. hahaha. I'm so excited to see some teaser trailers. Can't wait!!! I guess it is customary that they usually start releasing teaser trailers 6 months before the movie opens. So....around January-February???

  3. Looks like you're right. I'm so hoping so anyhow. I like that vehicle, so that would work alot better then a red sports car. Not Morelli at all. But you have to wonder why were they filming so much of Steph in her little red car when it's not in the book too long? Right? They need to give us some hints about what is going on, it's as simple as that. :) Glad to have you back.


  4. Unfortunately I wasn't able to confirm if this is KH or not. It may be a stand in while they are getting ready for the real shoot, but it still gives me hope that they are using this SUV in the movie.

    You have a good point, Patt. They have used the red convertible a whole lot throughout the filming. I am wondering if they just decided to use the car a little bit more in the filming and change it up a little bit. Maybe they wrote the script as Stephanie needs to get a job with Vinnie to keep from having her car repoed, and that scene on the bridge was her running from the repo man and tossing her keys over the bridge into the river. hahaha...That would actually be funny. I'm hoping that is the case, because I agree with you about the blue SUV. A lot more fitting for Morelli. The convertible is not him at all. Crossing my fingers that this is his SUV!!

    Thanks btw, Patt. It's really good to be back. I had a lot of fun, but I missed my blog!! ;)