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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Daniel Sunjata Cast in Batman Movie

Hey Guys, trying to catch you up on what the "One for the Money" stars are doing now...or at least recently.  :)

The always gorgeous Daniel Sunjata is going to be cast in the Batman sequal "The Dark Knight Returns."  He plays a special forces officer who teams up with Batman to fight the evil villains. Special forces eh? Sound familiar?  There is also a small "One for the Money" mention in this article. ;)

Check it out by clicking the link below:



  1. Great news for Daniel

    Yesterday I was surprised to learn that my mother thinks Steph should end up with Ranger!
    I've always been in the Morelli camp.
    It was a funny discussion-

  2. I just noticed the time of my post.
    SO--are you on the west coast?

  3. I'm actually MST, but I think there is something screwed up with my clock on my blog. I've tried to fix it several times, but I can't figure it out.

    That would be a funny discussion to listen to with your mom. hahaha! How fun!

  4. I am definitely a Ranger girl. I think Steph should end up with him, because he excepts her for exactly who she is. He rarely tries to change her... unless you count trying to make her better at being who she is. And he respects her skills, he knows what skills she does and does not have and utilizes them correctly when needed, etc. Also, I think that Ranger is an Unmentionable. Could come in handy. YES, I know that that is my own theory and is probably not a popular one.