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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New (Old) Picture of Jason O'Mara as Joe Morelli in "One for the Money" Movie

This seems to be just another picture of one of the many taken of Jason O'Mara one day on set. I know I have posted other pictures like this one in these same clothes of JOM, but I can't for the life of me remember seeing this particular picture...

All I have to say is YUM!!!! This is a pretty good pic of the steamy Joe Morelli with what looks like a very strong, commanding swagger!  Yowza!!

So, this may be an old picture that most of you have seen before, but it's new to me!!!  (*Drool*)

At least I was able to find a tiny morsel (but a tasty morsel at any rate *wink, wink*) of something new (old) on "One for the Money."  I wish they'd hurry up with at least a teaser trailer - 15-30 seconds of a sneak peek would be better than nothing at all!! I'd even settle for some nice juicy made up lies about the movie at this point! Anyone up for starting some scandalous rumors? haha  Just kiddin'....sort of.


  1. I've never seen this new (old) pic before either. So thanx for the man candy :D

    About the scandalous rumors...if you look on imdb, the PG 13 rating is given for sexual content, language, drugs, AAAAANNNDDDD Brief nudity :) :) :) Squee!!! So let's speculate on this, shall we?!?! I'm hoping for one of the Hero's but I can't remember book one. Who gets neked except for Steph in the shower scene? I just can't remember. I really need to re-read OFTM.


  2. Unfortunately, no one else gets neked except for Steph in the shower scene. :( But, Joe does sleep over a few times to her house, so they could always insert a little butt shot or some chest muscle action of Joe getting in the shower - or out being all yummily wet and stuff - and Steph catching a glimpse of him getting undressed...That would be alright with me!! I won't complain one little bit!! Nope, nope, nope!!

  3. I lied...There is her old exhibitionist neighbor that she has to apprehend for shaking his willie to everyone who has the unfortunate occasion to look. That might be in there...hahaha...not really the kind of neked rumors I was hoping for though.

  4. yeah.I would love a short teaser.
    diesel lover

  5. Yummily wet??? SO--you are killing me!!!

    Tried to get some OFTM news out of Jason on his FB site but he said that we should wait till later in the year--so we would have something to talk about. I could so talk about this now. He did say that he thought that the ptb wanted to make sure that the movie was released at the best time for it--
    But yes---come on-we need some trailers, pictures, gossip--something-
    This movie is the best kept secret and that's not a good thing!
    And Redz--we need to get a sequel for some really good stuff. Remember in Two for the Dough when Steph throws a naked Morelli from her car??? >sigh<

  6. IHJ, what is his official facebook site? I want to get in on this action. tee-hee!!

  7. Maybe we could double team him....to get information that is. hahaha!!

  8. On FB it's Jason O'Mara
    Says actor/director
    there are a few of them--the others are fan started. Go to the one that shows a picture of him from Terra Nova.
    It also has photos on top of him at Wondercon-
    One with a Star Wars guy--
    I know I am-- :P

  9. Thanks ya so much IHJ!! I'll be heading on over there. :)