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Monday, April 18, 2011

Small Janet Evanovich Interview with "One for the Money" Mention

A very lucky girl got an interview with Janet Evanovich, and "One for the Money" was mentioned. Very jealous!  Thanks to an anonymous tipster, I have this interview for you!

"Today I have the incredible honor of posting a quick interview I got to do with Janet Evanovich. Yes, New York Times best-selling author, Janet Evanovich. Most people know her as the author of the wildly popular Stephanie Plum series which is being made into a movie featuring Katherine Heigl. Today we talked about fashion, Cheez Doodles, and favorite funny moments. Enjoy!

How do you create stories that have me and the rest of your loyal audience literally laughing out loud at Stephanie Plum's antics?

I guess I'm a little twisted. It helps to have characters so out there that no matter how outrageous the story line, it seems to make sense for them to be in it up to their eyeballs.

Production is going to start on the new Stephanie Plum movie soon. What was your reaction to hearing that Katherine Heigl has agreed to play your iconic character?

Actually, the movie was filmed last summer and it's in post production now. I sold the movie rights something like 18 years ago, so it's really been out of my hands. I liked Heigl in 27 Dresses.
Anything you can us about the upcoming Stephanie Plum novel? Are there any plans for the series to come to an end? Please tell us no!
First of all, there's no plan to end the series any time soon. I don't want to give too much away about Smokin' Seventeen other than to say that a man from Stephanie's past comes back to town.

What is something we would be surprised to know about your life as a Best Selling Author?

I work in my sweats and get orange Cheez Doodle dust on my keyboard.

I know this might be a tough question but what is your favorite Stephanie Plum moment? Funny or serious?

Gosh, there have been so many. A good one was in Sizzling Sixteen when she and Lula allowed all the cattle to escape from the meat company. I like the funny moments.

And as this is a fashion blog, do you consider yourself a fashionista? How would you describe your style?

I don't think I have a style. Mostly I'm in jeans and a t-shirt. Although I do enjoy dressing the jeans and t-shirt up with a pair of gold Chanel flats."

A very lucky girl indeed!! And I am so glad that the "One for the Money" movie was actually mentioned in this interview. Even as small as the mention is, it's still something while we not so patiently wait for this movie to come out. :) Also, I really think this proves that JE approves of KH playing Stephanie Plum. She didn't have to mention that she liked KH in "27 Dresses," but she did! All I have to say is "Buah-Ha-Ha!!" to all the haters that assumed that JE didn't approve. :P

Thanks anonymous tipster!


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