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Friday, April 8, 2011

While we are Waiting...

Hey guys,

While we are waiting for Lionsgate to throw a few crumbs our way with OFTM, I thought we might have a discussion about movies coming out and good books to read. Thanks for the suggestion, Deisel Lover!!

First, the movie that I am totally excited about, apart from “One for the Money,” is coming out fairly soon! It is “Water for Elephants.”

I read the book, which was amazing by the way, and the trailers on it are incredible! It comes out April 22, 2011, and I cannot wait to see what Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson do with this wonderful book! I highly recommend reading the book before you go see the movie. It is only $6.00-$7.00 at your local Walmart!

Check out the trailer here:  http://youtu.be/_6b2XhXkPpg

The other movie I am excited about coming out because I have LOVED the movies so far is, “Pirates of the Caribbean, On Stranger Tides”

I absolutely adore Johnny Depp in these movies… What’s not to love? Rawr!!...and they are so entertaining to watch! This movie comes out on May 20, 2011.  It looks like some of the original characters, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightly, don’t appear to be in this one, but Penelope Cruz looks like an interesting new character for sure, and I love the guy who is playing Blackbeard! (Not sure what his name is.) Anyhoo, I will be going to my local drive-in to see this movie because there is nothing like fresh air, your own comfy pillow, your seat tilted back, and your feet up to make your movie watching experience incredible! Can’t wait!!

You can check out the trailer here: http://youtu.be/wZTtvYLvCRI.

Secondly, I wanted to talk about a few books I have been reading. As you know, one of my other obsessions are the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.

They are a little racy, but they are so entertaining. You completely fall in love/lust with these characters. JR Ward paints a very vivid picture with uncheesy twists and turns to normal vampire stories, and you can really see these characters come to life! I just read her latest book, “Lover Mine,” and I couldn’t put it down! I recommend reading these from the first book in the series “Dark Lover” so that you don’t feel completely lost with the characters. If you like a little swank in your life….try these books. They’re worth your time and a wild ride! ;)

The other book series that I have recently been “hooked” on is the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.

The TrueBlood series on HBO is another one of my obsessions. Yes, it can be a little hokey at times, but there are some interesting twists and turns along the way. Besides….I could eat Eric, Alexander Skarsgard, up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

From the words of my favorite comic, "Holy Schnikies!!" He's Hot!!
The first book in the series I thought was a little hokey, but it has gotten so entertaining as I have delved farther into the series. My favorite book so far has been book 4, which I cannot remember the name of at the moment, but it is the next book they have filmed the HBO TrueBlood series on coming out in June (Can’t wait!!!) I have to admit that I am hooked on these books now and haven’t been able to stop reading them! They are very entertaining! My next book I’m about to read is Dead and Gone, and I’m way excited to get lost in it! Just need to stop by the local Barnes and Noble and pick it up!

Anyhoo….These are just a few books and movies that I highly recommend seeing and reading! Please, please feel free to comment and give everyone some more suggestions!! I’m always up for a good movie or down for a good read! :)
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  1. want to see water to elephants too.
    havent read the book but might.
    want to read the black dagger books but, can only find books 2 and more in my local bookstore, do I need to start with the first book?
    other than the stephanie plum books, I would recomend marian keyes books, love her first book watermelon.
    the other series I love is vampire academy by richelle mead, (its a young adult book) but thers lots of older people on the facebook page that are older than the target group.
    have just recently started the jean m auel,books they are really great althout sometimes they can be a bit slow.
    who doesent love captain jack sparrow?
    love him, althought dident like potc 2 or 3.think the fourth one seems great.
    lots of love
    diesel lover
    (p.s what do you guys think of christian kane from leverage as diesel? I hope they make diesel movies.)

  2. I would definitely recommend reading Dark Lover of the Black Dagger Brotherhood first. Aside from being one of my favorites in the series, it also touches on all the characters in the book and some of the lore that she uses that is not typical vampire lore. You can go to B&N online and pick it up for $7.99...sometimes cheaper. Also, if you buy more than one book and spend $25, you can get free shipping.
    I definitely recommend reading "Water for Elephants." It was a great book. Also, another book I recommend reading but it takes a little getting used to the dialect is "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett. Way good book, and a very fantastic, funny twist in the end.
    I looked up that Chritian Kane, and he looks like he could play the Deisel part. I have never seen him act, but he has the body, face to pull it off. :)
    I have thought about picking up the Vampire Diaries on a few different trips to the book store. I think I might have to try them out once I am done with my Charlain Harris series.
    Thanks for the suggestions, Deisel Lover!

  3. Ok, so I'm kinda all about the "Smut" books right now. *Blushes*. For a while I was reading stuff by authors like Nic Sparks, Kristen Hannah, & Jodi Picoult. Serious, real life drama type stuff, ya know. But then, I'd cry through the whole thing, finish & wanna jump off a bridge. It was terrible. I'd be so friggen depressed. So now, with the exception of Evanovich, who i love for her mix of smut & laughter, I'm pretty much a smut addict!! I love all kinds of Romance novels, as long as there is a good storyline. I particularly love Paranormal & Historical Romance. My all-time favorite author is Karen Marie Moning. I love her!!! Ok, I'm kinda obsessed with her, re-read both her series MANY times :) I also love Black Dagger Brotherhood & JR Wards other series "Covet". It crosses over into BDB, which i love. Also, I love ANYTHING by Lynsay Sands, Gena Showalter, Sharon Page, Kresley Cole, Linda Howard, Johanna Lindsay, Maya Banks, Cianna Stone & Christine Feehan.But there are so many more authors i love, way to many to type out, so there are a few. Shows I enjoy when i acually watch TV are True Blood (Of Course...I lust Alcide), Both Sparticus series, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter, L&O SVU, The Soup, & Anything on the Food Network cuz I'm a fat chick, lol. Well, maybe Curvey is a more flattering Description. LOL. I really loved The Tudors when it was on & I miss it desperately. Thats about it for me.

    Also, if you girls read as much as I do (3-4 books a week), you should think about getting a Kindle, it was the best gift I ever recieved! It saves me a bunch of money from purchased books as well as gas money from the many trips I used to take to the Library :)

  4. Redszm! I work in a library! Hope these things don't put me out of work!
    I am actually a big fantasy/scifi reader, but I have my moments of fluff.
    Love Evanovich and Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Her books also have made me laugh outloud.
    And if you want to read but not think--there's always Danielle Steel.
    I'm looking forward to the new Jean Auel book--
    If you want caveman smut--wow these are your books! lol
    My favorite fantasy authors are Terry Brooks and Anne McCaffrey. I love my fantasy trilogys.
    Honestly--I do not go to the movies very often. I just wait for the dvd's to come out and the library gets them.
    Of course I will go in January--many times I am thinking!!

  5. IhJ - I don't think Kindle will put you outta business. My librarian says that Kindle users will be able to rent e-books soon from the Library website :) Plus, I still go to the Library 2-3 times a month to rent my Books on CD's. I have a long work commute & can read/listen to a few books a month just driving to work.

    P.S. I watched the two episodes of Jason in The Closer. I liked him as a bad boy! I wish I could come home & find him waiting for me in my house with some candlesticks! Yum!!

  6. LOL Redz!!

    I'd love to find that sexy guy too!!!
    I can so see him using that bad boy sexiness as Morelli--