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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Other Obsession Updates

Hey guys,

It's pretty quiet on the "One for the Money" front, so I thought I'd take a minute and update you on some other obsessions of mine. I've just finished the 10th book of Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and I've gone as far as I can go until the new book comes out in May. :(  I'm completely jonesing for what happens next!  The new season of Trueblood (Season 4) starts June 26th based on book #4 which is still my favorite book so far in the series. I don't want to spoil the plot for any of you TrueBlood fans, but it involves witches and a whole lot of Alexander Skarsgard, a.k.a Eric the Viking vampire. This man is completely delicious and can take a bite out of me anytime. I won't complain at all having a lot more time to drool at Eric on my big screen TV watching him go through some surprising transformations in this next series. I can't wait for it to start!!! I watched the previews HBO had of the upcoming series, and from what they showed....it looked pretty good!  If you want to check it out, go to http://www.hbo.com/#/true-blood and click on the short videos they have there. 

Also, I just watched an HBO First Look on the other movie I have been dying to see, "Water for Elephants." This movie comes out Friday, and I am so excited to see it!!! The behind the scenes look just made me want to see it all the more. I absolutely love the era of the 1930s and I get excited whenever there is any kind of series or movie based in that time. I love the way things look, the fashion, the heartache of the depression. Most of all, I admire the amazing strength of the people who struggled to survive and thrive during a very dark time in American history. Plus it has Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson!!! (*sigh*) No doubt I'll be in my theater seat smiling like a deranged monkey waiting for the movie to start Friday night!

Well, there you have it.....This is what I have been looking forward to trying to make my long wait for our beloved "One for the Money" movie go just a teensy bit less painlessly. There's also "Breaking Dawn" part 1 of the last "Twilight" book coming out in November I believe. From what I gather, they just finished filming part 1 and part 2 of the Stephenie Meyer's Best Selling "Twilight" series, and the first movie will be out in November. Yes....I'm a Twilight fan!! Go ahead....laugh if you want to. The books are incredibly entertaining...aside from Bella's irritating fragility in the series IMO...and I have also really enjoyed the movies that have come out...even though I think they could have been better.

So...there's just a few of my favorite things for the time being. Comments anyone?


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  2. I'll keep checking in here to see if there are any OFTM movie updates. In the mean time I've tried to occupy myself with other things. Good to see you're a True Blood fan. I think it's the best TV show ever made. I've read all the books too. I defiantly pick Eric over Bill.
    I love the Twilight Saga. I think I've read the books though around five times now. Looking forward to the next movie installment.

  3. Hey Leane, I definitely pick Eric over Bill as well, and not just because Eric is a major slab of beefcake either. Bill, in my opinion, turned out to be kind of a snake. Although I don't doubt he loves Sookie, he just irritates me with his hobbies and the nonchalance of his infidelity and several times he has pretty much raped her or almost killed her. Eric yes he is a lot of the times occupied with his work, but he reins it in and has never lost his head around her, and never forces anything on her. Plus...he's eric with that rockin' body and kick ass attitude. Come to think of it, Eric is Charlaine Harris' version of Ranger in a round about sort of way. He's quiet, commanding, stealthy, gorgeous, adores Sookie for who she is, etc. I have to say, though, I have actually developed a sort of pity for Bill over the last few books. He has someone improved my opinion of him since the fae war.

    Yes, I love the Twilight series. I have, too, read that series about 5-6 times already. I'm sure I'll read it again before the movie comes out again. I completely get lost in her world of vampires and weres, somewhere I wouldn't mind being at all. The last few times I have read the series though, I have been sort of irritated with Bellas dramatic fragility...Sometimes it gets on my nerves....but other than that, I LOVE those books!! Well, that and they could have a LOT more smut!!! But hey....that's just me!! hahaha

  4. Very much looking forward to this seasons Premiere of True Blood!! My absolute fav show! June can't come fast enough. I love me some Eric & Alcide. Bring on the Sunday night man candy! Yum :D

    Twilight is ok, just a little PG for my taste. Not a big fan of reading about all that teenage angst. Been there, done that, don't wanna relive it. I agree S.O., Bellas just too dramatic sometimes.

  5. leane:I have to politely disagree with you. yes true blood is great but in my opinion nothing NO OTHER SHOW comes close to BBC coupling. check it out thers a lot of clips on youtube.
    other than true blood and coupling I would recomend Merlin another great bbc series( bbc makes GREAT television). in plain sight, eli stone drop dead diva and chuck.
    read the first book in the black dagger series loved it.going to borow the rest from the library tomorrow.
    how was everybodys easter?
    I had a nice easter at my cabin.(here in norway we go to our cabins in the easter holiday.go skiing, hiking, and read a lot of crime.to us easter is not religius but a time for skiing and crime.)
    I am right now enjoying a good easter sweet food that I think is only used here in norway. basically its eggs and sugar, take them in a mixmaster and you get a very sweet good candy\desert thing.
    I`m looking forward to seeing thor, potc4 in cinema this spring. plus, thers just about a small month to my summer vacation!(yes, I love stephanie plum but am way under the intended age, I started reading when I was 15, am now 18).
    Here in the north of norway, the snow is just started to leave.
    earlier today I was sitting on my porch and enjoying the sun, while I was looking at the snow full mountains around my cabin.very surreal. even for me.
    I read twilight because I wanted to know what the fuss was about I dident really like the first book, then I decided to see the movie at the preview. loved the movie, read new moon and saw the movie with my best friend loved the film. but last year when eclipse came out I was over the whole twilight thing.
    My obsessions are: vampire academy, stephanie plum, the mediator, chuck, coupling, marie digby,jack johnson, and disney.
    LOVED tangled. no I mean love in present tense.
    yeah. I`m out of things to say.
    diesel lover

  6. I agree, Redz! Bring on the Sunday night man candy!! :)

    Alcide is pretty hot too! I think the books kind of just ruined him for me because Sookie's and Alcide's relationship just got a little weird towards the end of the books. Have you read them?

    But that can't stop me from lusting after him in the series, right?

  7. Nope, haven't read them yet. They are on my never-ending TBR list. They've been there a while, lol. There are just not enough hrs in the day!!

    Lust away my dear, I know I will be!

  8. I agree, Redz. There is definitely not enough hours in the day. The first book was alright, and it took me a little extra time to get through that and the second book probably because I already knew pretty much what was going to happen since I watch True Blood, but after the third book, I was hooked! I'm just itching for May to get here so that I can go buy the new book coming out!!

    Oh...I'll be lusting away alright. I'll be lookin' and I'll be a'likin' :D

  9. Miss Norway girl!
    I used to have a penpal-years ago- who lived in Sanderforjd--
    Is that anywhere near you?
    A cabin in Norway looking at the mountains-
    Sounds beautiful!