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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sherri Shepherd Talks About Lula in "One for the Money"

Sherri Shepherd had a chat with SheKnows and dished on her character, Lula, in "One for the Money." I only attached the "One for the Money" portion of the interview, so if you want to see the whole interview, please click below:


"When SheKnows sat down for a chat with Sherri Shepherd, it was hard to know where to start. The View co-host was on cloud nine over hosting the 42nd Gospel Music Awards, but the actress, standup comic, writer, Newlywed Game hostess, mom and bride-to-be has so much more going on, as well. She dished on just about everything from wiling out on 30 Rock to going pro in One for the Money, not to mention her duties as a mom and fiance with a wedding to plan!

SheKnows: Will Stephanie Plum fans be satisfied with the big screen version of One for the Money?

Sherri Shepherd: I hope they will! I read five of Janet Evanovich's books and from the first time I read One for the Money, I saw that Lula and thought, "If that gets turned into a movie..." When I found out they were auditioning, I put on a tube top, a miniskirt and my five inch heels and walked down the street with that little outfit on. Barbara Walters said, "Where are going, dear?" "I'm going to book this movie!" Lula is so lovely and funny. She curses and says a lot of stuff, but she's got a heart of gold. She starts off as a prostitute and becomes a bounty hunter. What happens to make her go through this change? That's what I love and I think people are going to fall in love with her."

So what do you think? It sounds to me like she really gets who Lula is. I'm likin' this chick even more now! She had read the books before she even knew there was a movie coming out! Love her enthusiasm! Can't wait to see her in action and what she does with this character!!


  1. I read that too SO--
    I agree--it sounds like she really wanted to play Lula. So that makes it more special because she would be making sure that she is faithful to the character.
    I think she is going to be a hysterical Lula!

    I really wonder how they are going to play the scene where Ramirez leave Lula tied up naked on Stephs fire escape-- hmmmmmm

  2. I wonder that too, because the scenes that I saw pictures of which I think are linked to Ramirez leaving Lula for Steph to find, Lula is out in the road, and Stephanie is running out to help her. Now, I don't know if they are going to CGI this or what they are going to do with it, but it really confused me on what they were doing. I think it would be a hell of a lot more creepy if Steph finds her on her fire escape him being so close to where she was sleeping instead of finding her out on the road. Who knows, that could have been a totally different scene I'm just not remembering or not even Lula out in the road. I'll have to go digging and see if I can find that picture I saw. I can't remember if it was one of those pictures that I couldn't copy and post or what the deal was, but I'm pretty certain I wasn't able to copy them to the site.

  3. I love that her & KH were already fans of this book series. So excited for the movie :)

  4. Me too! It makes me that much more excited when the actors really fall in love with the series before it was even meant to be a movie! It just seems like they will be that much more true to the book and the characters they play.

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