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Friday, September 23, 2011

"One for the Money" Trailer

Here it is!!! I laughed so hard at the naked guy in Morelli's car. haha I thought she nailed it, and O'Mara is a perfect Morelli. I'm sooooooo happy!!!!

Enjoy!  Let me know what you think!!! Yay!!!


  1. Oh my goodness... I watched this like 10 times in a row! They all did such a good job. I'm so excited!

  2. I was anxiously hoping I'd like the trailer...but...I LOVE IT!!! It's perfect. And I CAN'T WAIT.

  3. This was even better than I hoped!! This movie looks SO GOOD! I loved the naked guy and I loved when Joe throws the keys in the dumpster!! Ranger looks great!! And Sherri nailed Lula!
    I swear to God--I am so excited right now I don't think I can go to sleep!!! LOL

  4. I don't think the universe wants me to see this movie. The movie trailer has been pulled from the original site and so your link isn't working either. I was actually wanting to see the trailer, to see what I was up against. Oh well.

  5. Greetings from Texas,
    It occured to me right after I posted earlier that you would have the trailer on tonight. You did, and it was great!

  6. Ya know, the more I watch the trailer, the more afraid I am that the "partial nudity" warning for this movie is due to the old naked guy Steph takes in. Lol. *makes sad face*. I was hopin' for partially naked Morelli or Ranger!!

    I laugh every time Frank Plum yells that Grandma Mazur belongs in a home. Hehehe :)

  7. I've watched this trailer about 50+ times now, and my husband just rolls his eyes. He thinks I'm obsessed...well DUH!!!!

    Jessica, I know they were having trouble with the triler for a small period of time, but you should be able to check it out now. ;) I thought it was so great! I know you are devil's advocate around here....love ya anyway....but I hope that you are pleasantly surprised. Muah!

    Redz....the still where Morelli is carrying a towel still gives me hope that there might be some partial neked shots of him. *sigh* At least that's the story I'm stickin to. :) We gotta have a little neked man candy....throw us a bone Lionsgate...literally...haha...okay maybe some buns at least. Sorry got lost on a little self gratifying tangent there. heeeee!

  8. LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for keeping us informed :)

  9. I want to know who the naked old man is. He looks like Kirk Douglas.