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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jason O'Mara Dishes on if Stephanie Plum Series Will be Turned into a Movie Series

Did I mention I LOVE Facebook....and Joe Morelli a.k.a. Jason O'Mara for that matter? Jason was asked on his Facebook page if he knew if the Stephanie Plum series would be turned into a movie franchise. This was his response.

"Jason O'Mara If this one's a hit, we want to do more! But we have to get all those people who haven't read the books to see the movie! That's the only way we'll get to make more Plum movies!"

This man is sooooo my favorite person right now!  Thanks so much, Jason, for keeping us all informed! This amazing guy is uber busy right now, but he still manages to have a personal relationship with his fans answering questions and keeping us informed. So few celebrities do that in my humble opinion.

So....my new mission in life is to get as many people to the movie theater as possible to see this movie...well...it's sort of an old mission but with renewed enthusiasm and spirit. Let's spread the word and see if we can get a sequel brewing!! Sending all my Plum Love vibes out into the world. MUAH!! ;)


  1. I really need to get a facebook!! I'm really missing out.

    Count me in chica!!! I already do spread the word about this movie, but i promise to praise it more now. I REALLY want it to do great at the Box Office so that we get a sequal :)

    Jasons the bomb!

  2. I've been doing my part sending everyone the links to anything and everything OFTM. If we could just have a trailer to tide us over, we would have it made. :)

  3. I just love him more and more!
    I am bringing everyone I know to this movie!
    Although Jason is busy promoting Terra Nova (26 Sep-8pm FOX) I just know that he will do the same for OFTM-
    And Redz---YES__GET ON FB!!!

  4. Yes Redz...you need to join our Jason O'mara bandwagon!!! So much fun!!

    I think he will do the same for OFTM. Going to be so sweet!!

  5. saw the movie and it was great!! have read the books. great!! would love to see these novels turned into movie sequels. please!

  6. I have to agree....the movie was awesome and that got me started on reading the books. I LOVE reading them. They are awesome and I really hope that more are turned into movies. I will definitely be going to see them if they are!

  7. The movie got me hooked. On book 8 now. Need more movies!