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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Article About Katherine Heigl and the "One for the Money" Movie Trailer

I loved this article about Heigl and the "One for the Money" trailer. There is a lot of truth to this. I think the critics do go for that "knee-jerk reaction" when it comes to one of Katherine Heigl's projects and start to bash it and her just because of the reputation they think she has. Where is their originality? Do they really think that if they give one of her projects the thumbs up it deserves that they are going to lose all credibility as a critic? Rom-Coms have always had a bad reputation and never get rave reviews, but "One for the Money," although there is a little romance and a lot of laughs as far as I can tell, delves a bit more into the action/thriller genre as well. Just watching a little blip of Ramirez running after Steph in his gym gave me the heebies, and Heigl clotheslining Lonnie Dodd was impressively badass!

 Heigl has a wide range of talent from scenes that make you cry to films that have you bent over in a stitch from laughing hysterically. It also seems as though she can add a little action into the mix and not look ridiculous pulling it off. KH does funny very well. To me, her comedic style can be compared to some of the all time greats such as Lucille Ball or a female Chevy Chase. In my humble opinion not everyone has the physicality and timing it takes to pull off a comedy. Can you see Angelina Jolie, one of Hollywood's highest paid and readily used powerhouses, making you laugh till your stomach hurts? AJ can thoroughly kick your ass or move you to tears, but she in my mind, although extremely talented in her own right, is not considered a comedic actress. I love that there are still critics out there that do appreciate Katherine Heigl's amazing talent and don't just chalk this movie up to another Heigl Rom-Com bashing it blindly like some. Although the author of Fempop won't be starting up any fan clubs for Katherine Heigl any time soon, she has an objective appreciation for her work. Enjoy!

"The Stephanie Plum series is one of the reasons I started FemPop. That may sound shallow, but when the film was being cast and started shooting traditional entertainment sites, especially the ones usually full of smart critics with a penchant for nerdiness, treated the property like dirt. It was just another Katherine Heigl project of no note to anyone. Nevermind the fact that One For The Money won a bevy of awards when it came out in 1994 or that it was on the USA Today bestsellers list for 75 straight weeks. Nevermind that author Janet Evanovich is one of the most successful and popular mystery writers working today.

No it was a Heigl project and must be ruthlessly mocked.

It was knee jerk actress hate that felt a lot like knee jerk sexism and it irked the hell out of me. These guys never read the book and it was written by a former romance novelist so it was clearly “lame chickflick” material.

As someone who was ushered into puberty with these books (they were as beloved and well-worn as my huge collection of Star Wars Extended Universe books) I have to take serious offense. The Stephanie Plum series is pretty dang awesome and fun. Yeah it’s petered out a bit in the 17 years since it started but whatever. The early books are some of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

But enough of my gabbing. Here’s the trailer.

I will not speak to the authenticity of her accent but I will say that Heigl nails the Stephanie Plum vibe. There’s looking pretty great despite a terrible diet, a surprising love of guns, Grandma Mazur, Ranger and Joe looking smoking hot and Lula–and now all I can think of is the time Lula went on Atkins and carried chickens and slabs of bacon in her purse…which is what I suspect I would do if I ever went on Atkins.

Once upon a time Heigl was an engaging and funny actress. Maybe being forced to play a character instead of the paper-thin excuses she’s been saddled with will be the difference. Maybe One For The Money will be the Heigl film that reminds us all of how awesome she is. Maybe all those film critics/nerds will be horribly shocked at the success of the film and call it Twilight for adults and display all that latent sexism their sites often teem with. And maybe nerdy Janet Evanovich fans like myself will finally get our Stephanie Plum movie (I have been waiting since 1998 thankyouverymuch)."

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  1. True, critics always feel the need to make negative comments about kh! I hate that many people bash KH because of the things she said years ago w/c i think is so unfair! They treat her like what she did was unforgivable.. its so sad when people mock her and her work! They're a bunch of J*RKS!