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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Few More "One for the Money" Characters Revealed

I was just browsing over on IMDB and found a few more characters that have been revealed. IMDB is not always completely accurate so these aren't confirmed, but these key characters are listed below:

Spoiler Alert*** Read on at your own risk!

David Flick as Sal the Butcher

Sal is the butcher that helps Flat-Nosed Louis smuggle Carmen out in a meat barrel and ends up with a hole in his head for his trouble.

Alexis Treadwell Murray as Carmen

Carmen is the informant who goes missing after she calls Joe Morelli for help. Joe then gets accused of murder when he shoots Ziggy at Carmen's apartment claiming self defense.

So there you have it. Not huge characters revealed, but still vital to the movie and interesting to me! ;)

Still wondering if they introduced Tank and Joyce in "OFTM," and if so who they used!

I always wanted Gina Gershon for Joyce, but ever since I started watching Grey's (which I am super addicted to by the way!!) I have only seen Kate Walsh as Joyce! She has my vote!!

Gina Gershon in May 2010.Image via Wikipedia
Gina Gershon

Kate Walsh as Joyce Barnhardt

I still think that Michael Clarke Duncan should be Tank!!

Michael Clark Duncan as Tank
What are your thoughts? Do you like the new cast picks, and who do you think should play Tank and Joyce? 

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  1. Michael Clark Duncan would be a good Tank. I can just picture Lula talking to him about the wedding!
    And Gina would be perfect as Joyce. She's got that deep voice that I imagine Joyce having.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Sal and Carmen are good fits, but don't have enough of the story to make or break it. Either of these er...LADIES!(addressing their characters, not the actresses) would make good Barnhardts.

    As for Duncan as Tank, whoes going to tell him no?

  3. hahaha Good point, Arthur. I don't think there are very many people who would want to tell Duncan/Tank no!

    And I could totally see Duncan/Tank breaking out in a sweat listening to Lula planning their wedding, Iheartjason! Just another reason I want to see some sequels!!! Can't wait to see that played out on screen!

  4. Greetings from Texas,
    The scarie part is I can also see Duncan/Tank talking in length about his cats.

  5. I like the new picks for Carmen & Sal. Spot on!

    I've always wanted Debra Messing for Joyce, but she may be too old. Or possibly Rose McGowan...she looks kinda skanky & could pull off Joyce. Lol.

    There is NO OTHER CHOICE for Tank other than Michael Clarke Duncan!! NO OTHER!!! He IS Tank! I can totally see MCD pulling out pictures of "Tanks" cats to cheer Stephanie up. Lol. That would be awesome! I will be very miffed if he isn't cast as Tank (if they make a sequal)!!!

  6. I agree---hope they ask us when they are casting the next movie! HA
    And you know--Jason already worked with Gina in Life on Mars
    (Coffee, Tea or Annie) so that would be a good match!

  7. that guy would be perfect as tank.
    but I see gina as joyce not kate. kate isent joyce for me at all.
    but each to his own.
    I actually like pp(private practice) better than greys.

  8. Have you ever thought of Christina Hendricks for Joyce? I loved her as Saffron in Firefly.




  9. Ooh yeah, I like Chrisina Hendricks too. Good choice Heidi!!