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Friday, September 23, 2011

"One for the Money" Trailer Preview Tonight!!

Thank you Katie Heigl!! On Katie Heigl's Twitter today, she announced that we will be able to catch the "One for the Money" trailer on Access Hollywood tonight!!!!

"KatieHeigl Katherine Heigl

For all you Stephanie Plum fans out there check out Access Hollywood tonight at 7:30 EST for a debut of the trailer!"
So excited to see this!! The moment we have all been waiting for!!!

She also announced that she would like to do a Q&A for all the Plum book fans!!

"KatieHeigl Katherine Heigl

Oh and I'd love to do a book club Q&A on my website for all the fans of OFM! Check out Kheigl.com and submit your questions!"

Happy posting!! And I'll be so happy to see all your comments on if you liked the trailer or not!!  Don't miss it!!
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  1. BAH!!!!!!!! I was just coming on here to see if you had seen that they were going to be showing it tonight!


  2. :-( I don't suppose that this will appear online anywhere will it? In the UK and now fed up :-(

    will check out her site for the Q&A though so thanks for the tip off on that one!

  3. OMG Heidi & S.O., I was just coming on here to see if ya'll have heard about the trailer on Access Hollywood tonight too, lol!!! SQUEEE!!!! I'm so excited :D I'm gonna be a dork & record it! *bouncin' up & down in chair*

  4. Greetings from Texas,
    Well, I found out about it here, and thankyou. Saddly, to save money we had to drop a bunch of channels on Directv, so I will have to see it later tonight. I'm sure there will be about a million posting of it tonight.

  5. OMG! Billy Bush just said "Up next K. Heigl, caught inthe shower..." Squee!!! Thwy showed Joe handcuffing her to the rod@!!!!

  6. Just watched it & it was AWESOME!!! They have the scene where Joe throws the keys in the dumpster & then drives off, lol. He said "good seein ya Cupcake". P.S. i love Jasons "Joe" accent! They also showed Joe handcuff steph to the shower rod (in a towel). But SQUEE!!! The trailer also shows Steph taking in the naked guy in Joes SUV & he flips when he sees the guy naked sitting in the passenger seat, lol!! The guys comeback is hysterical. Connie was funny too! And, best of all, Grandma shoots the turkey in the "gumpy". Overall, i loved it!!

    BTW, Craftilicious & Arthur, the entire trailer is on Yahoo movies, enjoy! Cant wait to hear what you guys think about it! :)

  7. OMG I watched it earlier & loved it!! I've already watched it a few times, January can't get her fast enough!