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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

"One for the Money" Movie Poster W-O-W!!!

Great movie stills and now an incredibly awesome movie poster!! I'm waaaaaay past excited today. 

 Bravo Lionsgate/Lakeshore!!! Looks incredible!!! The trailer's gotta be just around the corner! Squee!!!!

What do you think?  Nailed it?!?! I think so.....Love the "Looking for a few not-so-good men." Perfect!!


  1. I'm glad they didn't show her with a gun! Just goes to show that this time the date is concrete and that its really going to come out! You should totally put one of those count down tickers on your site! LOL


  2. yeay!!!!!!!
    love it!
    so excited!
    hopefully a teaser or something will come soon!

  3. It's a great poster, I love it!!! And Katherine look gorgeous. Now it's time for the trailer :)

  4. Greetings from Texas,
    Clean sweep! We all love the poster. We all want the trailer. Counting the days.

  5. Love the poster! I second your "Squee"!! January can't come soon enough for this Plum Lover :)

  6. I love the tagline--
    Now--I need a Morelli & Ranger poster!

  7. The thing that is going to draw the folks in who haven't read the books is that it looks like the poster for a lighthearted romantic comedy. They'll be pleasantly surprised to see that it isn't just slapstick romcom humor the whole time.


  8. Greetings from Texas,
    Helene and I went to see 'THE HELP' today. While at the theater I checked posters in the lobby and the trailers for 'ONE FOR THE MONEY'.

    As for 'THE HELP', great film. That's coming from someone who likes explosions in his movies. This one didn't need them.

    As for 'ONE FOR THE MONEY' posters and / or trailers - No Joy.

  9. Love the poster & can't wait to see the trailer! Especially can't wait to see the movie cause I think its gonna be great!

  10. Love the books, hate the movie casting. We all have our own ideas of what Stephanie, Morelli and Ranger look like, and the movie will take that from all the fans. What a bummer!!!