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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's in and What's out in 'One for the Money'

Wow!!! The filming for this movie went incredibly fast didn't it? Hopefully after filming wraps I'll still be able to get some consistent info about the movie and be able to post regularly while we hurry up and wait for the teaser trailers and the movie. A year?????!!!! Really???!!!

Now, lets talk cars...(I know I've got the men's attention if there are any males that actually read my blog. hahaha) I raised a question previously in one of my other posts about the Miata I keep seeing on set everywhere. In the book, the Miata played a small part, so why we keep seeing it everywhere is perplexing me!! I haven't seen the red Cherokee she "comandeers" from Morelli which is in a huge amount of the book, and I haven't seen any photos or info on the "pussymobile" beater car she drives after hocking her small appliances when her Miata gets reposessed. I really hope they have those cars in the movie. They are definitely sacrificing some major laughs if they don't have them written in the script. Hell, one of the biggest running jokes in all of Evanovich's Plum books is that she cannot keep her cars or any other person's car from becoming a snarling ball of fire throughout all the books, so they better have put that in the script. Those cars are definitely part of the cast in my mind. When I just recently re-read 'OFTM,' Uncle Sandor's car wasn't introduced in the first book, and Post-Gazette.com definitely wrote in their article that Uncle Sandor's car was parked out on the street in front of the Plum's residence when they were filming. ???

One of my favorite parts of 'One for the Money' is when Morelli escorts Stephanie back to her car parked on Stark Street, and someone had spraypainted the word "Pussy" all over it in Dayglo pink. hahaha Morelli starts laughing hysterically and says says, "Most people are content with pinstriping and a vanity plate." LOL!!!

Anyone have any pics of the cars??? Info??? Comments??? *fingers xd it made it into the script* I have to say I'd be seriously torqued if they cut out either one of the cars!!!


  1. Ha ha. I love that part of the book. Hilarious.

  2. They had better have both cars in there because it wouldn't be the same without it. That would mean they were changing it. I don't like changes. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Have you ever typed with your fingers crossed? It's really hard to do. LOL I hope there is something posted somewhere in the next week or so.

  3. Hahahaha..that part in the book makes me laugh so hard!!

    I know that from what the publicist says on 'OFTM' set in a recent interview is that this brige scene is just a moment in the film and it took almost a whole week to film, so the Miata still could be in just a small part of the movie, but they sure have had it around the set in various different places in various different scenes that they have been shooting, so it makes me wonder. That...and I haven't seen her in any other car!!! :/ Pussymobile and Jeep better be on there...just sayin!! :D

  4. LOL Pattrose,

    It is extremely hard to type with your fingers crossed!!! You are soooo cute!! Muah!!

  5. They definetly have to have Morelli's jeep. The best part was when she puts the alarm in it!! And uses his phone--
    I have been wondering what changes they are making because Grandma Mazur really wasn't in the first book very much.


  6. I know it sounds like they are making some changes. I read an interview that said that Debbie Reynold's was so great as Grandma Mazur that they had to write in a whole new scene that wasn't in the book just to give her some more face time. With the new pics of Lula in the bonds office, she says she is going legit. I take that as she is already working for Vinnie, and that doesn't happen until the next book, so... it looks like they have changed a bunch. One of the posters on IMDB that is on set of 'One for the Money' said that it is pretty close to the book though, and he/she was right about who they cast for the Plum parents, so I have to trust that they are keeping it pretty close to my beloved book. We'll have to see I guess! I actually would love to see Grandma Mazur more in 'One for the Money.' That wouldn't bug me, but those cars just better be in the movie or I might be spittin nails!! LOL ;)