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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Not So Brief Note on Jason O'Mara, "One for the Money"

Jason O'Mara as the sexy vice cop, Joe Morelli
I am one of the first people to admit when I am wrong, and folks...today that is going to happen!  I have blogged several times about not completely seeing Jason O'Mara as Morelli. That the man was cute, but not drop dead gorgeous. That I hoped he would surprise me...But, I was saying all that while admitting that I had never seen him act.

Well, I decided to do my homework and started looking him up on Youtube. What I found there, ladies and gents, well...mostly ladies, was very, very yummy indeed!!  I'm eating my words now!! Stick a fork in me, I'm done! Wow!!!

While "Life on Mars" is not the type of show I would personally get into, he really seems like he is an excellent actor and has a very believable New York accent. Plus...that voice and those intense eyes!!! Really all I can say is Ohhhhhhhh Myyyyyy!!! There was actually a few times when I was watching some of the clips where I could actually catch a glimpse of the Morelli in my head, and it caught me by surprise because I was so unsure of the man before. Well, not now!!

Now...do you think this man could "boil water just by looking at it?"   Me thinks he can!! Yooooowwwza!!!
Jason O'Mara was even on one of my husband's favorite mini series, "Band of Brothers," playing a very handsome Lt. Thomas Meehan. I think it was the producer on OFTM that said he has a kind of young Mel Gibson persona, and I would have to agree with the man. Very sexy and confident personality, strong facial features, intense expressions, delicious jawline, dreamy eyes...I'm converted! He may not have italian in his blood, but I'll take whatever this man is dishing out. Now please excuise me while I go take a cold shower!!

Jason O'Mara as Joe Morrelli??...YES PLEASE!!!!!

Here is a Youtube vid of Jason O'Mara that I thought was good.


  1. Did you watch the two episodes of The Closer he was in? I'm telling ya, he can play sexy really well. He's an excellent actor and I'm glad to give him the chance to prove everyone wrong. If you get a chance, watch the episodes of The closer. He proves his range I think in those more than anything. I loved him on Life on Mars too. He was so yummy. My friends and I discussed him all the time when it was on. They didn't give it a long enough run, as far as I'm concerned. He's wonderful to watch on the screen. Those eyes, those lips, the bod. Wait until you see him without a shirt on. He's yummy indeed. :) Hugs, Patt

  2. I tried to find an episode of him in "The Closer," but they didn't have anything on Youtube. I'm going to have to dig further I guess. ;)

    I'm thinking he is going to do very well...very well indeed...

  3. Still don't see it. That picture does help his image a lot though, because he isn't as unattractive as some of his other pictures make him. { I'm just saying. He's not my cup of tea. lol.} But, here's for hoping he's everything you want him to be for this movie.

  4. I'll admit that sometimes he doesn't take the best picture. That's sort of why I have doubted him in the past. But I am definitely feeling him now. Rawr!! LOL. :) Check out some of his stuff on Youtube. His voice is intoxicating. ;)

    And if you still aren't moved...well everyone has their own flavor. Maybe Sunjata will end up rocking your world. tee-hee! (wink, wink) I for one am with Stephanie on the Joe vs Ranger predicament. There is just no way to choose!! I'm not giving up on my quest to get you so interested in this movie that you go opening night. hahaha!! It'll happen. Just give me some time sweet cheeks. Muah!

  5. LMAO....It's already been broughten!!!! ;D I'm not above sending you the money to go see it opening night!!! hehehe I will succeed!!

  6. I am a total Jasonite!
    I have stuff that he has been in since the late 90's.
    Check out Berkeley Square, Monarch of the Glen (2nd season), High Stakes, InJustice, The Agency, The Closer(Fatal Retraction & Controlled Burn)and Life on Mars.
    I think I will explode before this film gets released!
    I am also an Evanovich fan so when we heard that Jason was going to be Morelli--It was totally the BIG O!!! LOL