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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Filming "One for the Money' on Kitanning Bridge Today

Well guys, I guess this is more interesting than I thought. The OFTM film crews have spent all weekend getting the bridge ready for filming yesterday and today.

Here is an article from http://www.pittsburghlive.com/ detailing the shoot:

Katherine Heigls's red Mazda on the bridge for filming.
'Through a pair of binoculars, Tim Barclay got a glimpse of Hollywood on the Kittanning Citizens Bridge Monday morning.

"We've watched the whole scene probably about six times," the Kittanning resident said while checking out the first day of filming for "One for the Money."

From a bench in Riverfront Park, Barclay said, he could see actress Katherine Heigl running between two cars and practicing throwing an object in the Allegheny River. He suspected the object to be a set of car keys.

Crews with "One for the Money" have been working in town since Saturday and have filmed parts of the movie throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania in recent weeks. Heigl is starring in the film based on a series of 16 novels by Janet Evanovich.'

Here is the rest of the article below:

Anyone else confused??? There is KH's Mazda again.  I thought her Mazda was supposed to be repoed at the beginning and really not in the book all that much. I just read 'OFTM' again, and this has got to be an added scene too. I'm thinking 2 things...1) Either this Mazda is the replacement for the Jeep that she "comandeered" from Morelli. 2) This is still the Mazda she gets repoed, and she runs through a bunch of cars and pitches the "keys" into the river to get away from the repo guy. (Which seems a little excessive for an added scene to me when they could have just stuck with the book scene.)

Anyone have any added thoughts? Different scenarios?


  1. I think your second scenario sounds like something they would have Steph do, toss the keys in the river cause she's pissed about the Mazda repo. However, I agree that they shouldn't have changed the book scene, if thats infact what they did.

    On a different note...I just wanna say how much I love your blog & appreciate all the hard work you put into it!!! Thanks :)


  2. AWWW Thanks so much, redzsm!! That means a lot to me!! I've really had fun with it!!

    I'm really bummed that they are almost done filming!! It just doesn't seem like they have been shooting it for very long. We still don't have all the main characters to the movie yet.
    :( Okay, i'm done whining! :D

  3. Yeah... what about Tank? Wasn't he introduced in the first book?... Hmmm, I need to get my books back from my brother and just read the whole series over again.

    And I agree, I appreciate all the hard work you put into this. Which is why I am giving you an award.... you just have to wait for me to post it up on my blog to get it.

  4. I just read 'OFTM' again to refresh my memory on what happens, and unfortunately Tank is not introduced in the first book. :( Lula doesn't really get funny and develop into a main character until the second book either, so I'm really hoping they make the second book into a movie.

  5. Thanks, Jessica Rabbit, for the award!! I'm honored!