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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mama and Papa Plum Cast!!!!

Hold on to your seats people. Have I got some inside news for you all!!!

Here is another post from the incredibly awesome, totally fantastic anonymous man/woman that has the inside scoop on IMDB.com.

"The other actors are really good. John Leguzamo is hilarious on set! I am not sure about other actors but the guy playing Mr. Plum is Lou Mustillo - he is a popular character actor that has had bit parts on shows like the Sopranos but is also a REALLY funny guy and perfect for the role of Stephanie's dad. If you are a Seinfeld fan at all he played the neighbor who had the parrot (Phil) that died when he ate the key to Jerry's strongbox that Kramer hid in his food. It was one of my favorite episodes and Lou played the part perfectly. He seems to be ideal for the dad as he basically sits and grumbles into his newspaper most of the time. Stephanie's mom is being played by Debra Monk. She is another character actress that you may recognize (she was on some episodes of Grey's Anatomy which Julie Anne Robinson - the director for OFM worked on also). I know you will all love Debbie Reynolds though. I'm telling you - she nails her lines even in rehearsals and then throws in some extra lines for laughs when the camera stops. Besides the fact that she is SUPER nice on set and talks to everyone including the Extras. She has really good chemistry with KH. (KH is actually surprisingly nice too - but mainly keeps to herself). There is a lot of action with some great stunts. Again - not giving anything away. I actually have not been on set with Ranger (Sunjata) as of yet. There are still about 3 weeks of filming left so I may and will update if I can. You may or may not know that this is filming around Pittsburgh which is doubling for Trenton, NJ."  
Okay OFM fans...here's exclusive info on Mama and Papa Plum thanks to flyingpig1608 (my new best friend) on IMDB.com. What do you think?

Here are the pictures I dug up of the characters he/she mentioned!! No one else has this, I'm sure, because I have been digging and digging for info.

Lou Mustillo as Papa Plum

Debra Monk as Mama Plum

I guess my shameful groveling worked. LOL! I for one love the pick for Papa Plum!  Loved him on Sopranos and Seinfeld!  I haven't seen Debra Monk act yet, but she seems to be a pretty accomplished Broadway actress. We'll just have to wait and see how she does. She seems like she could pass for Hungarian. Sounds like the movie is coming together really nicely!! Can't wait to see some movie trailers!

You heard it from me first people! Now who's your favorite blogger??? Tee-hee!! :D

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