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Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Almost Too EXCITED to Type

I was just nonchalantly checking my emails figuring there wasn't too much in there since my blog is so new and HOLY SHIT!! There was a response in there from an IMDB post that I had put my 2 cents in.

Now...while I just bring myself back down to earth, I don't know this poster from Adam so I don't know if this is 100% legit. Call me gullible or naive...these are all things I have heard before.., but I'm taking this guys word for it, and I cannot stop myself from doing the happy dance!!!

The original post was from a woman that was kind of tired of all the negativity posted about the movie so far and that she was excited for this movie to come out and loved Katherine Heigl. Now, you all know I have been a little gun shy about a few members of this cast, but I have tried to keep positive and crossed all my fingers and toes that they would pull it off. I have always said that I think KH could pull off the comedic physical humor that I envisioned Stephanie Plum to have, and that I liked KH's movies. But..I wasn't really feeling Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur yet.

Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur

Well, break out the ACs cause I'm warming up to her pretty fast!!!

This is what a poster had to say on the "One For The Money" page on IMDB.com.

"I have been working on this movie over the past few weeks in various capacities. At first - I was very skeptical about this movie. While I can't say very much due to confidentiality reasons - I think you will all be pleasantly surprised. KH is doing a great job - but to me the real gem is Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. She has us all laughing good and hard with every line - she's a fabulous actress and really plays well off KH. I believe you will all enjoy this film. It won't be an Oscar winner by any means of course - but good, fun, entertainment - that stays true to the books?? - I would say categorically - yes!!"
Now to say I would love to get more information from this guy would be an understatement! My response to this man's post BEGGING him for more details was nothing short of me dropping to my knees, latching onto his pant leg, and having him drag me around the room until I get what I want!! Shameless and embarrassing I know, but completely worth it if this man takes pity on me and throws a few juicy tidbits my way!!I know he has a confidentiality clause, but he could throw me a bone and just tell me how Jason O'Mara (Joe Morelli) and Daniel Sunjata (Ranger) are doing chemistry wise and if they are sellible in their characters. I'd probably faint dead away if he did, but it doesn't hurt to hope right???!!!

So what do you think , guys? Did I strike gold? Are you as happy as I am right now?


  1. I'm happy for you because you are excited. But being the hard headed stubborn girl I am can't manage excitement over this film, at all. I know, I know I'm a damper. But I truly am happy that you are happy. It's like the other day when an author wrote to me and said she my review about her book made her cry, a good cry, because I not only got her as an author but her book. I was beyond happy, almost shedding a tear myself, because SHE was so emotionally happy. lol.

    So stay happy, because your excitement, though I may not feel it for myself, just bursts from this monitor everytime you get news and just makes me smile. :)

  2. Thanks Jessica! :) I'm glad I made you smile! I'm not giving up on you yet...my goal on this blog is to get you excited about this movie, and I won't stop until I have accomplished my goal! LOL

  3. Good luck.

    By the way, I love your avatar.

  4. LOL!!!!

    Thanks...I thought it looked fun!