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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Is She or Isn't She????? Who's the Real Connie?

The role for the sharp witted, curves where it counts, bonds office manager, Connie, has been taking on a double identity lately. One week it is Cristina Aloe...the next week it is Ana Reeder.  The actress that is now on the "One for the Money" IMDB webpage is now back to Ana Reeder leaving all of us fans puzzled. I know that when Sherri Shepherd was filming "One for the Money", she had tweeted that she was on set with Ana Reeder, so I'm betting that Ana is the real Connie.

What do you guys think?

Ana Reeder or...

Cristina Aloe
I have never seen either actress on screen, so I have no emotional attachment thus far. Personally, I think they should just start from scratch and cast my pick for Connie, Debi Mazar. tee-hee!! 

Debi Mazar...the ultimate Connie.

If only my dreams would come true!! (*Sigh.*)  Ultimately, whichever actress ends up being Connie, I'm sure they'll do great.  Here's hoping...
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  1. I agree your Connie should be it... you know, I think they need to just let me you and my partner-in-crime, Lula, cast this film.

  2. I'm all for it!! Granted I think our cast would cost some serious money, but I think we would kick ass casting this film!! :)

  3. I'm getting excited to see how everyone does with this movie. I like the Ana person better than I do the Christine person. She looks more like what I would believe to be Connie. It's so nice to have this place to come to every night and see if there is anything new going on. :) This is going to be a long darn year. :) Patt

  4. I totally agree with you, Patt. I think that Ana is a lot closer to what I envision Connie to look like out of the two. I am so happy that you like my blog!!! It's nice to know there are other die hard Plum fans out there like me. :)

  5. I think Eric Bana would have made a much more acceptable Merolli. Not so sure about Jason O'Mara...not hot enough...and definitely not Italian looking enough...