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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Picture of Grandma Mazur!!!

To say I am doing the happy dance is an understatement. Debbie Reynolds looks SOOOO good as Grandma Mazur!!

Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur
"Filming of 'One for the Money' brings out onlookers, happily displaced homeowners

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

By Barbara Vancheri, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Debbie Reynolds is playing the role of Grandma Mazur in "One for the Money."Debbie Reynolds, her trademark blond hair tucked under a gray wig and a long maroon scarf looped around her neck, waved at the folks on South Pacific Avenue watching Janet Evanovich's book "One for the Money" come to life.

Stray onlookers also saw both Katherine Heigl and her stand-in -- in matching short-sleeve T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and dark ponytails -- enter or exit a house in Friendship.

The former "Grey's Anatomy" star portrays Stephanie Plum, a lingerie buyer who loses her job and improbably finds herself working for her sleazy cousin's bail bonding company.

She's half-Italian and half-Hungarian and hails from Trenton, N.J., being played by such locations as Friendship-Bloomfield, the North Side, Braddock, Wilkinsburg, Shadyside, Mc­Kees Rocks, Ambridge in Beaver County and Kittanning, Armstrong County.

A stretch of South Pacific near Coral Street had been turned into a makeshift back lot on what was day 29 of a 41-day shoot expected to end Labor Day weekend. Big Blue, the ancient powder-blue Buick described in the novels as resembling a beluga whale, was parked against a temporary green screen."
To read more of the article, click on this link: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10237/1082359-60.stm

Director Julie Anne Robinson and Lakeshore Entertainment producer Gary Lucchesi on the "One for the Money" set.

There's the Miata. Where is Uncle Sandor's car?

Is this the Plum residence?  I always pictured it higher off the street for some reason. haha
Also, this article confirms that Lou Mustillo and Debra Monk are playing Stephanie's parents!!! You had it here first people...*Bounces around the room doing my KH happy dance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgqZwDdNS9s giggle, giggle.


  1. I always pictured their house at least two stair cases up, so I was a little surprised to see this house being used. I have no idea why I thought that. I must have read it in the books and just don't know why I pictured it like I did. YOu're doing a great job with the blog. Keep up the good work. It's nice to have somewhere to come to post and read. Thank you. Patt

  2. Us awesome Plum gals think alike then, because I always pictured it 2 flights up too! ;)

    Thanks so much for the kind words. It means so much to me!!

  3. I love that you made this site! I have a slight obsession with her Stephanie Plum series as well. Personally I am disappointed with some of the casting but I guess you never know until it's on screen. I'll probably be biting my lip through the whole movie!

  4. I'm glad you like it, Anonymous! Welcome to my blog!!

    I think we were all a little surprised by the casting at first just because I think we all had hand picked our characters long before they decided to film this movie.

    But for me personally, I have fallen in love with this cast. I am so excited to see my beloved books come to life, and I can see nobody else than this cast in the roles now!

    I don't think I will be able to sit still through the whole movie I'll be bouncing around so much with excitement that it is finally here!!! LOL
    Can't wait!!