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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Is it or isn't it?

This was just brought to my attention from another Stephanie Plum blogger out in cyberspace....community.livejournal.com/plum_movie

I recently posted a pic of Stephanie Plum on set, and I didn't even notice who she might or might not be talking to.

Is that Jason O'Mara Standing next to her?????????  First picture on set??

I have to say...I'm not liking the pants he's wearing. Definitely not the Morelli ass that Stephanie ogles at in the books. If that is him, he needs to beef up too!!! Just sayin!!
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  1. I'm not liking any of the males in this film so far... okay, as you know since you've been on my blog I don't like the whole d@mn cast. lol. Their Ranger isn't as buff or intimidating as the Ranger I vision, and doesn't he have longish hair in the first book, I swear I recall it saying he wore it in a short ponytail. But I have't read the 1st book for a while now and I might be confusing it with something else. But either way, I hate the casting directors of this film, lol... and the wardrobe people, lol.

    I'm so glad you are keeping us updated on this. I might not have plans to watch this when it comes out but I still want to know how bad they're killing it. lol... hey, do you know who has been cast for Frank Plum?

  2. No, I want to know who they are going to cast for Frank and Helen. I've been doing some digging on the internet, but nothing has surfaced yet. :(

    I completely agree with you that Ranger is not built enough for the part. I don't think Joe is either. I'm not really too upset about Ranger not having long hair in the first film since long hair on men really doesn't do it for me. lol

    I'm still excited to go see the movie though just because I want to see my favorite books come to life. I may be either really pissed when I leave the movie theater or pleasantly surprised. Either way, I'm taking the chance.