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Friday, August 20, 2010

Fan Blogs about Filming One for the Money!!

I previously posted some pictures of Katherine Heigl (Stephanie Plum) filming on set. Apparently, this is the fan encounter's story and the pictures she took from her front porch.

"Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Famous in Friendship

So, there is a movie being filmed on our street this week. Fun! They have the road closed off and we aren't allowed to park on it. They are using a house down the street for the main character's mom's house I believe. You can look it up on imdb.com under "One for the Money" (2011).

They start early in the morning (impressive!). When I was opening up Tavin's window this morning I noticed a lot of film crew guys on our end of the street and then a red Mazda convertible came into view with camera gear all over the front. Now this would be fun to watch with Koen during breakfast! We got downstairs and out on the porch with all of our breakfast stuff (including Tavin and highchair) as quickly as we could. Koen was saying, "Quick, Mommy, we don't want to miss the movie!"

We did get to watch them do about 5 or 6 takes of the convertible drive-up scene. It was pretty entertaining. I believe we were watching Katherine Heigl herself. It had to be her (I just couldn't tell because of my bad eyesight and I didn't know her hair was darker and curly in this movie). But it had to be her, because in between takes she sat in an Escalade. When the convertible was in the spot for her, then they would motion for her to get out of the Escalade to do the take in the convertible. It made me laugh it was so ridiculous. I mean she would be in the SUV for a minute or so in between takes. It was a gorgeous morning. She should've enjoyed the fresh air. Or even better, it would've been great for her to come and say good morning to my sweet boys. She totally missed out. If I were her, I would've at least waved and said hello. Koen was so interested in the vehicles and we weren't being annoying "fans" or anything. Anyways, I was a little disappointed that she didn't reach out to the "little people." We were literally only feet from them during this process.

Koen freaked out at one point at the camera guys that were sitting on our front steps. Hilarious! They backed off to give him some space, but I apologized for him. He also got a little upset momentarily when the Escalade took our parking spot. So funny!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing the movie just so that I can see the scenes on our street! Hopefully it will be worth watching!

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Check out the author's blog below:


I hope Katherine Heigl's a little more friendly than that. She was probably just busy and focused on the scene??


  1. She can't sit her butt out in the car? No way I'd get out of that car, lol. They'd have to pry me away and say "Leeeeeet goooo!" and I'd be all like "Hey look at me! In this awesome Mazda! Hey little kid can you see me? Hows my hair?" lol. Yeah, I think she could have at least gave a finger wave. lol.

  2. "Finger wave," LOL I love it! I know I was a little disappointed that for her fans being that close she didn't at least acknowledge they were there.

    Maybe she was just having one of those keep to myself, nonfriendly days. I know we all have them. Hopefully that's the case. :)

  3. Katherine is usually always really great with fans and signing autographs / posing for pics. There have been quite a few of her with fans in Pittsburgh I have seen. But hey she is working on a movie and they were actually shooting to a budget and timescale on a live set. I imagine she was focused on her what she needed to do. Also probably the last thing the crew wanted was for a crowd to show up or something as security looked pretty minimal so she was probably in the car trying to keep a low profile.

  4. Thanks for your comment, Kelly. You make a good point. I would hope that she is not unfriendly. I'm sure you are right as I have seen a few fan pics myself with her. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you like it!