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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fan Comment Raises Good Question.

A fan of Stephanies Obsession, PattRose, posted a comment in my blog about if Jason O'Mara would be able to pull off the Jersey accent. This raises an interesting topic to me. Should the actors try using a Jersey accent or just talk how they normally talk? (With the exception of O'Mara of course with his Irish accent.)

Sometimes actors that try to use a Jersey accent end up making it sound really cheesy and fake. In my opinion, it should be like they did in my favorite TV series of all time, "The Sopranos."  If you can do it well....use it. If you can't, just talk normally and I don't think anyone is going to notice. I would rather hear no accent at all myself than sit through an actor pathetically delivering his/her lines with a botched up, poorly executed ~Joisey~ accent. What do you guys think? Any thoughts?


  1. You know. I never thought about it. People getting an accent wrong tends to annoy me. But, if the roll calls for it I pefer them to study it hard and deliver the goods, if you think you have the talent to do the film where an accent is required don't half a$$ it. lol.

  2. I've been a fan of Jason O'Mara's for years now. I'm sure with this movie as with his other roles that he will use a dialect coach. When he did Life on Mars in an interview they discussed how much of a NY accent they wanted him to use and a dialect coach worked with him.

    As far as The Sopranos James Gandolfini used a dialect coach as I'm sure the other lead actors not from NJ did.

  3. Good point, Dawn. I'm sure you're right. I just didn't want a horrible accent from any of the cast not just Jason O'Mara (I wasn't trying to single him out) to distract from the movie. I'm sure he will do just fine especially if he has already gotten a New York accent down. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to my blog!

  4. I once said on a message board that I don't read the books with a Jersey accent, so it wouldn't bother me in the least if they didn't use accents. But I think it would bother some of the die hard fans that wanted it to be more like the books. But again, that doesn't mean a thing to me because I read it like I speak. I'm just so darned excited about the entire thing that I don't care about the accents. :)

  5. Me too, PattRose!! July 8, 2011 cannot come fast enough!!!

  6. And I told PattRose that I read them with a Jersey accent cause I am a Jersey girl! lol
    Jason really pulled off a subtle NY accent on LoM so I am sure that he will get the Jersey down. I for one hate it when someone does the exaggerated fake "Joisey" voice. Frankly I find it insulting. Personally--I am more wondering if KH will try to sound Jersey.