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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stephanie's Obsession T-Shirt Contest Winners!

Hey guys!

It’s about time right? I'm so excited I finally have some winners to announce for our T-shirt contest! Can you believe it?

Okay, without further ado, the winners for the T-shirt contest are……

Redzsm for: “I melt for Morelli” and “Ranger’s Babe.”


Heidi for: “Morelli’s cupcake.”

If you are interested in buying some awesome Stephanie Plum gear, I will be putting a link to my lovely neighbor's website on my blog very soon. There are just a few more kinks to work out on the website before I post it, so please bear with me.

Thank you so much for participating in my contest! It was sooooo much fun!! The T-shirts are looking great!! Take a look at some of the previews of the shirts below.

The back says "If being the tunnel is wrong, I don't want to be right." LOL

The back says "It's a Plum Thing!

There will be an 's on Ranger's

What do you think ladies?  Are they cool?  There are more shirts on the website. I promise I will post the link shortly!



  1. They look wonderful. I especially love the I melt for Morelli one. LOL :) There are going to be too many to choose from. I hope that we can order for Christmas gifts. Do you think she'll be ready by then? I just can't wait. :) Hugs, Patt

    Oh Congratulations to the winners. Great job. :)

  2. I'm so glad you like them, Patt! ;) As soon as they fix a couple of little glitches with the T-shirts, you should be able to start ordering right away! In fact, my neighbor has already made a few shirts for her OFTM fan friends. There are a few other shirts that she needs to design for me with some of the sayings that I came up with too, and she wasn't quite done with the Morelli's cupcake shirt yet, but I'll post their site as soon as those glitches are fixed. So excited!!! :)

  3. Gah!!!! How did I miss this contest!?! I wanna cry, I wanna cry so bad. *sniffles* Take mercy on me, my birthday is coming up, lol. I so want t-shirt 1 or 3.

    ... seriously, was I locked in my room pouting about my life sucking when this went down? Damn the gods! gah!!! lol. Congrats winners.

  4. I absolutely love the "I melt for Morelli" shirt!! I can't wait to rock it & have people say..."Who's Morelli?". Then, I can tell them about Janet Evanovich & how awesome these books are :) Plus, I'm very much looking forward to geekin out in my shirt on opening day and embarrassing my boyfriend ;) Hehehe

    J. Rabbit...you crack me up girl! Sorry you missed the contest. Give me your address & I'll buy number one for ya, it was my favorite! I could never wear the choo choo shirt though, I work with all men, it would, um, garner the wrong kind of attention. Teehee ;) I'll wear it vicariously through you.

    Great contest S.O.!!!

  5. I can't wait to see how my suggested shirt comes out! I'm so excited!! Although I will be ordering and sporting the Ranger's Babe shirt. As I am a Ranger Babe all the way!

  6. omg they are very briljant cant wait to order them aaah freaking out here

  7. Red, tell your husband to watch his back because I just might have to still you now. I love you! Not in the lesbian way but the "you are now my bestest friend in the whole wide world and I love you to pieces because thats what best friends do" sort of way... just don't tell Lula this, she's kind of possessive of me. We'll keep it a secret. lol Thank you!! I now owe you one of my brothers kidneys if you shall ever need it.

  8. Send me an email Redzsm so I can give you my address. So I don't have to post it here for some nutjob to possible become stalker number 6. lol.


  9. I love all the tees. I hope you'll be able to post to Australia?

  10. Thats a good question, Leane. I'll have to ask my neighbor.

  11. Hey Jess,

    I thought I was your new BFF?!?! LOL!!

  12. *blinks* -.- :D You are all my new BFF's. lol.

  13. LOL--

    You guys are all crazy!!
    Guess that's why I like it here!
    So going to wear a shirt to the premire--
    Thanks SO!!!


  14. Which one are you thinking about wearing Iheartjason!

  15. Definetly a Morelli one--- :)
    I'll have to really check them out to decide!

    I mean I always was a Morelli fan and now that he is being played by my favorite guy---
    I will really have to bring a fan with me to the movie--I see hot flashes in my future!!


  16. I might as well bring me a sponge to the premiere cuz I'm going to need something big to sop up the drool. hahaha!