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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ranger (Daniel Sunjata) Looking Very Delicious in Only a Towel

So, I came in my office to check my messages and as I opened an email from a wonderful S.O. reader, Heidi, stating on the subject line, "Show Ranger some love too," my body heat instantly rose quite a few notches!! Ooooooooh Myyyyyy! Thank you, Heidi!! I'm definitely feeling the love for Ranger right now!!

I'm speechless!!

I have posted other shirtless pics of the hot and sexy Daniel Sunjata before, and they were enough to make me stick my head in the freezer for sure, but this might cause me to have to take a looooong, cold shower! I must confess that I have always thought that Sunjata was gorgeous and fit the description well of Ranger, but I thought he could stand to bulk up a bit as I had mentioned in my early, early posts. Well, I'm eating my words now.  The concern I was having with his arms being maybe a little bit to lean has gone right out the window. Obviously this picture I had of DS on set just doesn't do the man justice.

Ranger on 'OFTM' set. As I said, the guns are kind of hidden here. =(
Here is the other shirtless picture I  posted a while back, and he does look a little smaller in this one. His chest is still impressive, but you can tell that his shoulders and arms are maybe just a little slimmer here.
When Janet introduces ranger in the book, she describes him as: "His biceps looked like they'd been carved out of granite and buffed up with Armour-all. He was around 5'10" with a muscular neck and a don't-mess-with-me body." The way I pictured Ranger is a solid, special forces, Military type build looking like he could definitely kick some ass but not a body builder, Rambo-type physique. I think he is definitely sporting that here in the first picture.

On behalf of all us Ranger Babes out there, thank you so much for the magnificent piece of drool-inducing  eye candy!  It will happily be going under my pillow tonight along with my picture of Morelli, hopefully provoking some straight up sinful dreams tonight!!! tee-hee..

I certainly did not mean to neglect our beloved and yummy bounty hunter by any means. I just hadn't stumbled across any pics or news lately!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!! In fact, I would love to know what day of the week and what time 'Rescue Me'  is on, so that I can see Daniel Sunjata in action if anyone knows please?

I actually belong to the group of the undecided when it comes to Team Ranger versus Team Morelli...I love them both equally and have never been able to decide between the mysterious bad boy and the playful Italian love machine. They both seem like heavenly bliss to me, so I'm firmly embedded in Team Rangelli. I just can't wait to watch this movie on the big screen and see if it evokes the same feelings out of me that it did in the book. Will it make it easier for me to decide whom I want more, or will it further continue to keep me torn and conflicted between them both???

So what do you think, ladies??? Is he drool worthy?  Is he Ranger? I definitely think that if he is sporting this physique and captures the bad-ass, mysterious vibe that is Ranger, I'll be one very happy woman bouncing up and down  in my seat with giddy excitement on July 8th!!


  1. The "Rescue Me" season 6 finale was in August. You can probably find them online. He doesn't have a real big part unfortunately. Not nearly enough sexy Franco in my humble opinion. :)

    I love Daniel Sunjata as Ranger!! The man is sexy, period! Like most people, I had always envisioned Ranger as more built, but I prefer DS to the Rock. His character on Rescue Me is very Rangerish. A sexy & confidant ladies man. I have every confidence Sunjata can play the bad-ass Man of Mystery!!

    I also am on Team Rangelli! I agree its too hard to choose, though I tend to lean a little towards Team Ranger. I really want Steph to try to domesticate Ranger a little. Could be fun!!

  2. I think that would be really funny if Stephanie tried to domesticate Ranger a little bit. I think that would make a great book 17. hahaha

  3. I loved the picture of DS. He's hot, but then I've always thought he was hot. He's very steamy in Rescue Me. I bet they have some episodes on FX. Here is the link: http://vod.fxnetworks.com/watch/rescueme

  4. I've been a Daniel Sunjata fan since I first saw him on Rescue Me and as I read all the series I totally imagined him as Ranger so when I heard he was cast I nearly jumped out of my chair. I'm ALL Team Ranger and always will be I think! Your welcome for the eye candy! Watch him as Franco on Rescue Me and you'll see why he was cast! (I watch all the eps on Netflix online)

  5. Thanks Heidi. I'll have to check them out!! Thank you, thank you again for amazing picture!

  6. Impressive!