Welcome to my own little corner of cyberspace for all things Stephanie Plum and much, much more. I absolutely love - Okay, I'm completely obsessed with- Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. After diligent searching for anything Plum on the internet, I discovered that the Stephanie 411 was next to nil. So this is my own little contribution to the lingerie buyer turned bounty hunter world of Stephanie Plum whose lot in life is to choose between two blindingly delicious, strong, sexy men; escape the occasional car fire; and refrain from the temptations of a delectible boston creme donut threatening to widen her waistline.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stephanie Plum's Birthday

I’m a bad, bad blogger!! It was Stephanie Plum’s birthday yesterday, and I missed it!  Sorry Steph…I’m a terrible, terrible fan!

Here is the birthday cake that Janet Evanovich got for the occasion. Yum!!!

"Normally Stephanie goes for the super junkie birthday cake with the big gloppy flowers, but the Tasty Pastry made this special for her...a Boston Cream cake!  That's yellow cake with bavarian custard in the middle and chocolate icing on top." ~ Janet Evanovich
I can see why Stephanie has a hard time keeping a birthday cake in the freezer!! (Drool)
Here's to us Libras out there! May we all get an extra piece of birthday cake for our bellies just cuz we deserve it! Come to think of it....the last piece of my birthday cake is just sitting there....lonely...in the kitchen...waiting for me to scarf it down...hmmmmm.....

I hope you can forgive me!

Stephanie’s Obsession