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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Pictures of Katherine Heigl in Redbook Magazine

More pictures of the lovely Katherine Heigl have surfaced!  This is from her Redbook shoot. She is stunning as always!

Also, I thought I'd post some pictures of KH on the red carpet at her new movie premiere, "Life As We Know It."   
Lucky girl. I want to have a Josh sandwich!! Josh Duhamel is gorgeous as usual and the

handsome Josh Lucas is looking very dapper in his blue suit!  I love Josh Lucas. I think he is a phenomenal actor. Got my first crush on him when I saw "Sweet Home Alabama."  Wish he was in more films.

And Katherine back to blond.  Even though she looks better as a blond, I really liked her as a brunette Stephanie.

Sorry for posting nothing but Katherine news lately even though I adore her. I have been trying to get a variety, but she is the only actor from 'OFTM' right now that seems to be getting any press.  I'll keep looking! Enjoy!


  1. I love her as a brunette. Isn't it weird how everyone likes something different? That's why it's called free thinking. LOL Thank you for giving us something to read today. I was bored and hoped you would have something for us. I can't wait to see what Jason's show is going to be like. Sounds sort of strange, but I love Steven Spielburg so I guess we'll have to check it out.

    Have a great rest of the week, SO.

    Hugs, Patt

  2. You too, Patt! Thanks for being patient with the 'no news' situation! I still check every day!

  3. Now that I had gotten used to KH as a brunette--she looks strange with the blonde hair!
    I saw her on Letterman last week--hoped she would mention OFTM. But she didn't. Talked about dogs, electronic cigs and about 30 seconds on her current movie.

    CANNOT WAIT for Jason's new show--
    I hope with Spielberg involved, Fox will give it time to grow an audience.
    Bummer that it's being filmed in Australia--

  4. It looks interesting. Even if it is just to see Mr. O'Mara shirtless, tan, and looking sexy! tee-hee!

  5. Hey! Don't get me reved up here!! lol

    Just saw that Katherine is in the new issue of InStyle too.
    Hope to read it next week---maybe there will be some fun tidbits about our movie.
    I can't wait until they start to do promo's for this!!
    Terra Nova--Jason's show is suppose to have a little debut in the spring and then a full premire next September so---between that and OFTM coming out I am looking forward to a very happy Jason summer!!! :)


  6. I'm with you there, Iheartjason. I can't wait until next summer!! It's going to be a long, cold winter.

    I got some info about 'One for the Money,' and it looks like it might be slow for a little while longer, but then the new should start picking up. Yay!! I guess I just need to be patient which is very, very hard to do for me!! I have none whatsoever!! :0)