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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Life As We Know It" was Amazing!!!

You know when you come away from a movie, and it just affects you in a certain profound way? Well, that is what this movie did to me! I loved this movie!!! It blew me away!! Katherine Heigl was brilliant in it. Her costars, Josh Duhamel and Josh Lucas were equally brilliant. The story was exceptionally written. It made me laugh, cry, and really get involved in the lives of these characters. I dragged my husband kicking and screaming to this movie, and he walked away saying he would see it again and that it was pretty good!! Praise indeed coming from a guy who would rather poke himself in the eye with a sharp stick than go and watch a chick flick! There really aren’t a lot of movies today that I walk away from that I really love, but this one I absolutely loved!

In fact, I might play a little hookie from work and go see it again tomorrow! Really people, and it is not just because I really like KH, this movie was incredibly good!!!! She definitely earned her acting chops in this one!! She made me laugh, cry, and just wholeheartedly fall in love with her character! Duhamel was amazing as well. You really got a keen sense of what these poor people were going through! I felt soooooooo bad for Josh Lucas in the end too! Those dreamy blue eyes are heavenly!!! I’ll gladly take ya, Josh!! Shhhhhhh…just don’t tell my husband! ;)


Bottom line……This movie is a MUST SEE!!! Don't forget your tissues...for the tears.... and to clean up after yourself once you get done drooling over the man candy!!


  1. I loved this movie too. It was bittersweet. So fun sometimes and then I'd be crying the next moment. I thought she did an excellent job and so did he. And the doctor too. They were all good. It was just a great film. The critics weren't as kind to it as we are. But I don't care. I loved it and like to spread the word. :)

  2. It really got bad reviews? I thought they were saying it was doing good? It made 14 million opening week so far, so that's pretty good. I agree, it was a bittersweet movie. There was a little bit of everything in there. Her range as an actress was totally challenged in my opinion, and she really pulled it off. I seriously do want to go back today and see it again. hahaha Where's my torch and pitchforks? We need to go hunt those critics down. LOL

  3. That sounds like fun. LOL A hunting we will go. A hunting we will go. LOL

  4. hahaha I've got a light if you'll bring the kerosene. :)

  5. Look forward to it hitting our shores. Doesn't start until the 21st in Australia.
    Thanks for the reviews.

  6. It's definitely a must see. Saw it again last night. :)