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Friday, March 25, 2011

One for the Money Related Posts on New Release Date

I thought I'd post a few articles that give us a few takes on why "One for the Money" was pushed so far out.

This is from http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/lionsgate-pushes-one-money-jan-170598

"Studios have been busy this week dating movies, including Lionsgate, which will now release Katherine Heigl comedy crime pic One for the Money on Jan. 27, 2012.

One for the Money was originally intended to open this summer, but Lionsgate decided the film was better suited for January, which has become a popular month to open female-skewing fare. (Also, the studio’s fall calendar is full.)

The movie is based on Jane Evanovich’s bestselling book series about female bounty hunter Stephanie Plum."

This article is from: http://blogs.indiewire.com/theplaylist/archives/lionsgate_schedules_katherine_heigls_one_for_the_money_with_a_january_27/
"THR reports that “One For The Money” will now arrive on January 27, 2012 which speaks volumes. Heigl’s last two films—“Life As We Know It” and “Killers”—wound up doing okay business worldwide, but were not the “27 Dresses” or “The Ugly Truth-” sized hits execs were hoping. But the move to early winter, which might be perceived as a dumping ground, is actually a pretty smart move.

The biggest hit of Heigl’s career—“27 Dresses”—had a January bow. Moreover, this year saw Paramount do very well with a female led rom-com, Natalie Portman‘s “No Strings Attached,” which surprised everyone by snagging $70 million domestically and earning over $120 million worldwide. Instead of taking a chance on counter-programming, Lionsgate are taking the safer bet that the dearth of competition in January—which tends to be the leanest of release months—will spell financial success. And the strategy has worked before. Last year, the studio yanked Nic Cage‘s “Season Of The Witch” from its March date and re-scheduled it for the first weekend in January this year. The result? $79 million worldwide. Certainly a much better take than if it had tried to square off in a much more crowded spring frame.

And oh yeah, in case you forgot, “One For The Money” is based on the Janet Evanovich book about a newly-divorced, recently laid-off 30-year-old (Heigl) in New Jersey who becomes a bounty hunter. When life you hands you lemons…you become a bounty hunter."

I, like you, am extremly bummed about the new release date, but I'm trying to think positive. Maybe there is some method to Lionsgate's madness here. If "27 Dresses" did so well with a January release date, then maybe it's not such a bad idea afterall!!

I'm just worried about how the media, the fans, the curious about the new movie, and the undecided are going to perceive all these date bumps!  Irregardless of Lionsgate's release date musical chairs, I remain a true believer that this movie is going to kick butt, and I'm still planning on sitting anxiously in my seat opening night, whenever that might be, with my buttered popcorn, Red Vines, and bottled water thoroughly blown away by my beloved book coming to life!! I don't care what anyone says...Katherine Heigl is Stephanie Plum, and she is going to rock this movie.!!!!

I know this is frustrating, guys, but we've waited years for anyone to even think about making "One for the Money", so we can push ourselves through 10 more months for the good of the movie, right? Maybe?

All I can say is Lionsgate better release an awesome trailer and some kick ass stills to tide me over until then cuz I don't know how long my nearly opaque patience can hold out...Mama ain't happy!! Make me happy, Lionsgate!!  Redeem yourselves!!

P.S. A public statement revealing how successful the prescreenings were might not be a bad idea either to set some speculating minds at ease! JMHO!!

C'mon guys! The release news was a major blow to the guts, but we are Plum fans...and Plum fans are badass!! Okay that was corny, but I'm feeling a little Braveheartesque this morning. hahaha!!


  1. 27 Dresses wasn't the biggest hit of her career but it did very well for a January movie. It took $160m world wide. Both Knocked Up and The Ugly Truth took well over $200m.

  2. I actually thought that "The Ugly Truth" did better, and I really loved "Knocked up." Hell, I really loved "27 Dresses!" My favorite movie of Katherine's to date has got to be "Life as we Know it," though. Does anyone know how that ended up fairing in the box office? Just out of curiosity?

  3. Here's what's bothering me -- the lack of trailers for this movie. Based on the lack of trailers I'm thinking the movie isn't that good and it will probably fall tot he wayside

  4. Thank you for the articles S.O. And I agree, Plum fans are badass ;)

  5. first I was annoied that they pushed the date now, I`m just impatient. (since I think the movie seems great and have been looking forward to if for ages) first of all, oftm is the first book so for us to have hope for sequels we need it to do well. other films that are not in a series doesent have to do that well, but since this is a series it should be a high making movie at the boxoffice.
    besides some of us(we who have loved the series for year and who have wanted a movie for a long time) can be patient and wait 8 more months.
    just hope they do a good job with the promos.

  6. I think that the real fans of these books will go see the movie (mulitple times) no matter when it is released. Also fans of Jason <3--and Katherine.
    Everyone else will just go see it as any other movie or go see it if the press is good and it opens strong. So I don't see the moving it around by Lionsgate as hurting it in that way.
    We really do need the press to start saying some postive things about this movie. That would really be a great way to start. And some TRAILERS!!!
    Wish I was one of those people who got an advanced screening. Gotta say that their tweets were all very good. They all loved it.

    Is it January yet? Is it January yet? Is it January yet??

  7. I'm on the fence about all of this. I don't know what to think of it. It would be different if there were trailers or at least tons of pics, but alas, they have given us nothing. I'm so bummed out. They better watch out, or people will lose interest.