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Thursday, March 17, 2011

"One for the Money" star, Katherine Heigl has a Huge Heart!

I know this is off the cuff here, but this is just another reason I admire this woman so much! According to kheigl.com, Katherine Heigl rescued a bait dog.

The poor little guy, aside from puncture wounds and abscesses on his neck, also has some broken vertebrae and will be in a cast for several months. Katherine will be taking care of the dog while he recovers, and then she will try to find a suitible home for him. If she cannot find a home for him, she will adopt him herself. AWWWW...


  1. You know that a person who loves animals this much is a good person-

  2. Good for her, poor little guy. People who do this type of thing to animals end up in a special place in hell. Glad he got a second chance with her.