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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Not-So-Patiently Waiting for the Latest "One For the Money" Movie News

I don't know about you guys, but this waiting to find out when the new movie release date will be is killing me! I've been looking in vain for any type of hint, tidbit, leak, explaination I can find on the web, and I am coming up with something in the area of "not a freaking thing." This irritates me to no end! 

The only thing I have been able to find on the internet are some more catty articles from self-loathing journalists predicting the movie to fail because they still have a stick up their self-righteous ass about something that Katherine Heigl has said in the past. These writers pounce desperately on comments KH has said about things in her career and have blown them so wildly out of proportion just so they could drag her name through the mud and turn her into the present Hollywood escape goat. Like I have said before with gusto, since when is it a crime for an accomplished woman to speak her mind and call it like it is instead of hiding behind publicists just spouting bullshit that they think everyone wants to hear?

Here's a news flash...Katherine Heigl can act!!!...and she is going to rock this movie and make all these knit-picky, adjective-slingin', frauds eat their own shit-stained words!

As for the comments that the rest of the cast are a bunch of no-names further dooming this movie to flop...I say every big name out there from DeNiro to Nicholson to Meryl Streep to Audrey Hepburn were all at one time so-called no-names.  Jason O'Mara for one can't be too bad an actor to land a prime role on the Spielberg directed "Terra Nova." Spielberg has an amazing eye for talent, and if O'Mara has caught Steven Spielberg's eye, then he's definitely no slouch when it comes to acting.

 In fact, not having a well-known, over-exposed cast has the advantage of bringing a kind of fresh slate to the movie enabling the actors/actresses to take on the characters of the movie without being overshadowed by their big name personas.

And I am going to stop my ranting and raving tirade there...:P

Back to my original point:

I really hope - more like demand -  that Lionsgate does right by this movie releasing it sooner than later, comes out with a knock your socks off trailer preferably today, and starts their publicity tour pronto so that people can start getting amped about this movie....hence a good turnout at the theaters opening weekend.  And...looking farther on down the road.........sequels!!!!!

So there you go. That's my whiny bitch fest for the month...That after I just got finished saying that this was a fun, positive site.....(Sorry guys, I just had to say it.)

~Coming from a fellow woman who believes in speaking her mind. -- SO~


  1. Agreeing and lmao at the same time SO!!!
    It's as if everyone just wants this film to fail. They hate Katherine, they hate Jason as Morelli, they hate Daniel as Ranger. Aside from Katherine, most people don't even know Jason or Daniel's work.
    I know that I am biased, but you will all see what a terrific actor Jason is. He has made me laugh and made me cry.And he can be very sexy! You will all love him--I promise!
    As for Katherine--I have liked all the movies I have seen with her--and loved her as Izzy-
    Yes--I hope that the movie does well enough for a sequel to be considered. Plus--I want to see Grandma and Stephanie burn down Steva's!! lol
    So---you keep posting SO!!!

  2. Thanks Iheartjason. I don't know whay but it just boils my blood when they condemn this movie. They have obviously never read Janet Evanovich's books. They have obviously never seen KH do comedy, and they have definitely not taken the time to do their homework and see what these so-called no-name actors can do! It just pisses me off to no end!!!

    Thanks, Iheartjason, for having my back even when I decide to go nuclear for a second. :) ;)

  3. Great post, SO. I agreed with all of it and like Iheartjason, I laughed too. :) Can't wait for news. I hope someone hears something soon. Hugs, Patt

  4. hi.
    (I read your blog all the time but havent commented before)
    LOVE the stephanie plum books, and think its so sad EVERY journalist\ film watcher seems to think this is going to fail before it has premiered.
    they have obviusly not read the books.(being that the books are pure genius lit.)
    its seems like lionsgate has given up on it(the no promo, changing with the premiere date) too.
    sooo idiotic.
    I mean if you buy the rights to a film, make the film you should follow through and PROMOTE THE MASTERPIECE OF A MOVIE!
    I agree iheartjason, I want to see more of grandma mazur,pluss would love it if they filmed the diesel books too.
    to make it easier down the road they could film the movies (2,3,4) back to back since the first three movies take place in the same year. and then start filming 3-2 movies a year.
    hugs, diesel lover.

  5. Hey guys - I agree with everything ya'll have said. This BS about them setting, pushing & pulling the release date sucks!! KH is good actress & just because she voices her opinions doesnt make her a bitch! I too am tired of all the crap about the "no-names" that are associated with this movie, every actor has to get their start somewhere. I mean Hilary Swank was a no name in that Stupid girl Karate Kid Movie one year & won an Oscar the next. I'm having such a shit week anyway so I really hope this is just a mistake & will be fixed soon. I'm hopeful that this will be cleared up soon. But...if they pull my movie...my effin' redhead will come out & that wont be good for the folks at Lionsgate!!!!! Grrrrr!!!!!

  6. Welcome diesel lover. Thanks for posting. I'm glad you read my blog.

    Thanks guys. Just a little frustrated with the current situation going on here. I'm sure I'll feel a lot better when they post another release date....unless it is pushed way back. Then I might have to get my bitch on again! :/

  7. http://www.timesonline.com/entertainment/article_973ef6e0-48d2-11e0-b9aa-0017a4a78c22.html

    That's all I've seen so far!

  8. Thanks Allie!!! Hope we get more news soon!

  9. If--and that is a big if--they were smart-they would release this on Mother's Day weekend! You get all the mom's that get a day off and the mom's who make their kids take them to the movies as a gift-How do you think I got my son to go see Star Trek with me??!! LOL
    Just my opinion--

  10. Allie--
    What does that article say--?
    I tried to go to it, but the address wouldn't work-

  11. It just basically says what we already know. That the original date was July 8 but they changed it because there were 2 comedies coming out at the same time and then that it was changed to June 3, and now it is "to be announced." If you copy and paste that in your browser address, you should be able to get it to come up. I'll try to paste it here, but I don't know if it will work as a link. http://www.timesonline.com/entertainment/article_973ef6e0-48d2-11e0-b9aa-0017a4a78c22.html

  12. Nope didn't work. But you can copy and paste it into your browser address and it will come up. :) Hope this helps.

  13. That would be sweet if they released it on Mother's Day weekend. Great idea, Iheartjason!

  14. I love how they call the actors "no names" when the male leads are on or have been on very successful tv shows. Jason OMara in Men in Trees and Life on Mars and was just cast in a Spielberg show and Daniel Sunjata on Rescue Me for 6 seasons and now on Greys and nominated for an Image award for his work on stage!

    And the lead actress has so many movies under her belt as well as Grey's Anatomy. I never saw a single episode of Greys but 27 Dresses is one of my favorite movies ever and its cynical, slapstick and intelligent funny at the same time, exactly the tone of Stephanie Plum storylines. I was also a huge fan of her's when she was on Roswell, showing that she's not just all about comedy and can do drama too (along with Greys I suppose). I think that anytime an actress does as many Rom Com's as Katherine Heigl that she's going to come under attack. She must be doing something right because she's still working steadily. But she is getting close to being typecast.

    Oh and John Leguizamo is NOT a no name, he's been in the game for years and is a great actor who's done HUGE movies like the Ice Age movies and Romeo and Julier and was on ER!

    Debby Reynolds is a cultural icon who's been in the biz for 60 years!!! She's no slouch either.

    What journalists say isn't going to deter the die hard fans of KH or SP so the studios would be re-DONK-ulous to listen to a punch of paper monkey writers that don't speak for the general population. Middle America sees movies and KH is the princess of Middle America movies. (Under Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock, the reigning queens).

    Lets not forget that this was a relatively low budget movie, they wouldn't have the casting budget to cast super duper stars in the right age range for every part of the movie, this isn't some summer blockbuster with action and CGI. I think they did well with the casting honestly considering what could have happened (Miley Cyrus anyone? ***shudder***)

    Now I step off my soap box.

    If they don't release this movie, I'm boycotting all Lionsgate movies. Hell, I still boycott if goes straight to DVD. Who's with me?! LOL


  15. You go Heidi!!

    I'm with you!!

    Hell--I am good at boycotting things-
    About 20 years ago I got really pissed at Sears and swore I wouldn't shop there anymore--and I haven't and I don't even remember what I was mad about! LOL

  16. Heidi-I'm so with ya girl!

    I'm tellin' you guys I'm gonna flip if this movie isn't released to theaters & is pushed to DVD! Absolutely FLIP OUT!! LOL

    Anyone have Lionsgates address??

  17. Greetings from Texas,
    Great post. I made some of the same points a while back. I get tired of folks slamming Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. I have never seen Debbie Reynolds turn in a bad performance, or any of these other folks for that matter.

    On the release date, I also get annoyed with the delays, but I've been watching this sort of thing for a while longer. In the late 70's I bought a T shirt at a science fiction convention announcing the release date of STARTREK - THE MOTION PICTURE. I got two actually. On one of them, each time the release date was delayed I would mark out the old date and write in the new one. The point is by the time I wore that shirt to the movie dates were all the way down the front and halfway down the back.

  18. Awesome post, Heidi! I'm right there with ya too!

    Iheartjason! Wow - 20 years? LOL. Now that's dedication. Love it!

    Aurthur - I'm not sure that is the type of news I wanted to hear. hahaha but it just goes to show you how unpredictible the movie industry is. I REALLY hope that is not the case! You must have a TON of patience to hold out that long for a movie!!

    Redz, my bags are packed, my toothbruxh is in it's traveling case, and the plane tickets are all but booked.....Let's do this!!! LOL

  19. Hey--while we are waiting-
    Which are your favorite books??
    I love Two for the Dough,Seven Up and Eleven on Top--
    What can beat Grandma Mazur at Steva's, Mooner and Dougie and Steph working at Kan Klean Kleaners and Cluck in a Bucket-
    And I love Bob---